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my mother was wearing a very interesting item of clothing yesterday, knitted by my grandmother years ago

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CountessDracula Fri 17-Oct-08 10:35:27

It was a sort of collar. Knitted, with tiny buttons up the front and a proper collar at the top. A bit like the top bit of a polo shirt but knitted.

She had it on under a long sleeved round neck tshirt. It went down under the t-shirt about 4 inches at the front and back.

Apparetnly my grandmother invented it when she used to get a cold neck. It meant that unlike a snoody type thing you could button it on and off and not trash your hair.

It looked really nice
You could jazz up all sorts of tshirts with it and whip it off when you got hot

Anyone seen anything similar in the shops?

CountessDracula Fri 17-Oct-08 12:02:27

b ump

Bleedodgy Fri 17-Oct-08 12:04:06

No you should market it quick!

RubyRioja Fri 17-Oct-08 12:06:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

elkiedee Fri 17-Oct-08 12:10:38

Perhaps you should get together with one of the knitters on here and set up a business! With fuel bills rocketing etc it might be an invention whose time has come.

CountessDracula Fri 17-Oct-08 12:25:31

I might photograph it an post on here

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