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Girls' clothes? Where??!

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prunegirl Sun 06-Mar-05 16:34:54

Message withdrawn

Mud Sun 06-Mar-05 16:35:56


Mud Sun 06-Mar-05 16:36:27

Adams are pretty good

George at Asda?

toomanypushchairs Sun 06-Mar-05 16:40:07

We like asda too, loads of good girls clothes, some pretty, trendy etc all reasonable prices...

woodpops Mon 07-Mar-05 11:10:19

Zara, mind you saying that I have so many problems getting my dd nice clothes. I like to see her in unusual stuff that not every other little girl is wearing!!!!

flashingnose Mon 07-Mar-05 11:13:42

Some of the nicest clothes I've got for my dd have come from our local NCT sale!

lisalisa Mon 07-Mar-05 11:22:50

Message withdrawn

Branster Mon 07-Mar-05 11:27:42

department stores (house of fraser, debenhams, etc) but not cheap by any means.
have you tried vertbaudet? their sizes are a bit different but they have nice clothes at good prices.

KristinaM Wed 09-Mar-05 20:20:24

I am mum to a small 5yo girl and find that 4 year old girl clothes in Asda are difficult as 4 is the top of an age range and I think some of the stuf is a bit babyish. My vote goes to H&M

Fimbo Wed 09-Mar-05 20:25:05

There is sometimes brand new Gap stuff on Ebay. Although if you get it cheap enough usually the p&p bumps the price up a bit. Whereabouts are you? Boden do a sale about once a year in a hall where I am, I haven't been but my friend said they were selling loads of stuff for £5

Ameriscot2005 Thu 10-Mar-05 09:15:36

I get most of my girls' clothes from Ebay. If buying new, it tends to be Next or M&S because those shops are near where I live.

Would love to be able to get all their things in JLP though.

piffle Thu 10-Mar-05 09:45:57

I buy Boden sometimes in sale sometimes on ebay as it resells freat
I do buy a lot from Gymboree US as the exchange rate is too good to miss even with £15 p+p, I buy a whole load at once, they drop the ranges really quickly so you have lots of choice, my dd is quite small so the cheaper brands in the UK do not fit her, Next is enormous as is george stuff on her!
I use charity shops an awful lot too, I love browsing clothes!
H+M is brilliant too but miles away fro me sadly.
Wish they were online!!!

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