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Patricia Field's range for M & S

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101handbags Wed 15-Oct-08 14:51:10

I think fine, if you are going to a fancy dress party as Carrie....

Patricia Field M & S range

Amandoh Wed 15-Oct-08 15:39:28

Lots of black there. I didn't expect that.

I liked the Glamour Mac. Then I zoomed in. I really don't like the buttons. Too '80s for me.

Quite like the double belted dress. Not sure I'm going to rush out and buy it but if I happen to see it in store (Which I doubt as these "designer does high street" ranges tend to fly off the rails) I'll probably try it on.

Sequin Tux jacket is a good wardrobe staple but the sleeves look too wide at the cuffs. Have defintely seen this done better.

This is very Carrie!

bramblebooks Wed 15-Oct-08 15:52:14

ah. SATC. I was imagining buckets of blood.

Katiekitty Wed 15-Oct-08 16:15:42

That's really funny bramblebrooks!!!! It's made my day!

PuppyMonkey Wed 15-Oct-08 16:19:52

It's all horrible.

I thought you meant Carrie from the Steven King movie/novel too grin cos that looks nothing like what her off ov SATC would wear to me!

suggy Wed 15-Oct-08 18:51:29

what about this though fabby magenta ruffles

I think this is really nice. Love the magenta colour & fab for parties.

turquoise Wed 15-Oct-08 18:55:03

Some of the dresses are ok but ye gods the accessories! OMG Look at these SOCKS!

suggy Wed 15-Oct-08 19:44:30

Thats very Japanese school girl. Not sure its a look I am keen on... though prob lots of men like the idea (along with knee length boots...)

Juliette108 Wed 15-Oct-08 21:47:45

If it wasn't SATC/Fields/Carrie related do you think anyone would like it? I mean if you saw the pieces hanging up on their own with no associations?

Ronaldinhio Wed 15-Oct-08 23:01:45

it's weird i saw it today and thought it all looked like cheap overdone tat and that coming from me is damning indeed as that is usually my modus operandi

JackieNoHeadJustABloodyStump Wed 15-Oct-08 23:12:30

Corsage belt not bad, of the accessories. Some seriously fugly 'boots'. I like the mac and the tux jacket, trousers could be lovely on someone tall and slim, but not on me. Apart from that, it's all a bit meh, or downright horrible.

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