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Ladies with LONG hair, how do you usually wear it?

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Flightattendant2 Wed 15-Oct-08 14:28:07

Am a bit stumped as if I wear it down, it looks kind of girly and also a mess. (very scruffy, wavy/straightish hair that will not do as it is told)

plaits - one at each side and I feel like a schoolgirl
One at the back looks kind of preppy and Anne of Green Gables (on me)

Pony tail is ok but not very grown up

So I resort to a kind of 'up do'

Is this acceptable? I'm not even sure I should be having long hair after the age of 35! smile

Talk to me about this please.

WhereWolfTheWildThingsWere Wed 15-Oct-08 14:31:40

Mine is wavy/straightish annoying, I have it down for 2 days, (post wash) in a loose pony with wispy bits for one day, then a bun for two grubby days, then it's wash day again.

nailpolish Wed 15-Oct-08 14:32:25

i always wear it down
except for work
whats wrong with lookng girly?

MortBlackCatResident Wed 15-Oct-08 14:37:56

I wear mine down if i'm out and about for work or going somewhere nice.

If i'm working at home i tend to have it in two plaits which keeps it nicely off my face.

MarkStretch Wed 15-Oct-08 14:42:12

I have to straighten mine so either down with fringe, or down with quiff, or half up half down with fringe, or ponytail with fringe/quiff.

If I can't be bothered straightening it then it's either two plaits, or one plait on the side with fringe swept sideways, or a messy up do.

hazeyjane Wed 15-Oct-08 14:45:27

up in a messy bun, up in 2 buns at the back of head, loose bunches, ponytail, plaits, headscarf

if i ever manage to dry it properly (dd2 is scared of the hairdryer) then i wear it down, otherwise i look like ugly betty!

finknottle Wed 15-Oct-08 14:45:46

I had this for years, always had long hair & got so fed up of "what'll I do with it today?" that I had it cut to above shoulder length. Can still put it up, just about, clip at back if need be & for variation, and most relievedly (tech term) can just wash it, bit o' mousse and leave it down.
Never had so many - or any compliments come to think of it, along the "you've had your hair cut, it looks great" type.
Was 39 at the time.
Now I let it grow a bit then have it shortened when it gets raggy, as you put it.

Horton Wed 15-Oct-08 14:48:18

Ponytail, usually. Or clipped up messily at the back with either a butterly clip or a large hair clip. Bun for days when it won't do as it's told.

Rubyrubyruby Wed 15-Oct-08 14:48:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tortington Wed 15-Oct-08 14:51:21

im 36 i have long hair - i like it and anyone who differs can kiss my arse.

i wear mine down. different partings and somtimes i clip the top back - so no parting

sometimes i twist and clip up and let residual bits sticky uppy and fall naturally for a kind of semi pony tails spiky twist thing <ahem> tech term there

i had a pony tail yesterday for a change - i think the trick is where you wear the pony tail

first you could clip up the front of your hair in girl quiff then pony tail centre back

or simply lower centre back - i think if its too high its either olivia newton john or coydon face lift (yuk)

i like the occasional loose pony behing one ear with band half way down iykwim

headbands are gorg - and very in esp in the office

Weeteeny Wed 15-Oct-08 14:59:36

WWTWTA - Do you wash your hair every 5 days???

Flightattendant2 Wed 15-Oct-08 15:05:30

Nothing wrong with looking girly if you are a young thing Naily! grin

I feel a bit self conscious that's all.

Thanks for all the ideas smile

PinkTulips Wed 15-Oct-08 15:15:00

i have mine either;

up in a ponytail with wafty bits down the side of my face

up in a bun with similar wafty bits

loose under a bandana

sort of loose but with some gathered at the back in a bobble so it's not hanging in my face

2 plaits or 2 buns sometimes

Flightattendant2 Wed 15-Oct-08 15:17:46

Yes I have a feeling that my entire repertoire is based on the 'wafty bits'

Not sure if this is a good premise for sophisticated hair grin

But somehow it works

MadameOvary Wed 15-Oct-08 15:18:05

In a bun, otherwise DD gets hold of it.

yama Wed 15-Oct-08 15:21:50

Always down. I wash it every day so it usually sits nicely. If I can be arsed I straighten it.

How I wear it is behind my ears. grin

PuppyMonkey Wed 15-Oct-08 15:26:07

Always down. Straightened. It is tapered around my jaw and I don't do behind ears as the grey shows.

nailpolish Wed 15-Oct-08 15:36:31

i amnot a young thing either
im 35 also

MortBlackCatResident Wed 15-Oct-08 15:38:07

35 next week here. Can't imagine getting it cut shorter as quite a few of my friends have done. They look too grown up grin.

finknottle Wed 15-Oct-08 15:58:14

The "looking older/too grown up with shorter hair" thing had me too for a couple of years and the oddest thing has been that since I had my hair cut to above shoulder length, I've been told I look younger grin

Might just suit me/my face better but was v surprised to hear this summer that h had a much younger wife - arf. He's 45, I'm 43 but was judged to be 35 so all my worries about having shorter hair & looking older were groundless.

<shows total style ignorance & incompetence>

And h was unbearably smug hmm like he had anything to do with it. Though I did laugh unkindly blush at his new work driving permit which states his hair colour as "grey".

HowlingattheFullMOONMother Wed 15-Oct-08 16:32:08

Another 35 year old with bra strap length hair here, usually worn down or in a messy bun.

My hair, when younger was always poker straight, but as I've got older its got a wave to it.Thing is to look 'decent' I needed to straighten it everyday, which was a faff, not to mention not good for my hair.

So on Saturday I took the plunge, after mulling it over for a long while, and got a perm shock.

I now have very loose big ringlets, and the best thing is in the morning I just have to wash it, stick some serum in it and leave it.

I feel I've now got more choice about how I wear it up as well, as before it was poker straight and quite flat looking, putting it up it's now got more body, I've actually had a play today at putting it up in various ways that I wouldn't have

WhereWolfTheWildThingsWere Wed 15-Oct-08 16:36:14

grin weeteeny if I wash it any more often it gets stupidly dry and frizzy.

In my younger days it was every 2 weeks!

serenity Wed 15-Oct-08 17:05:20

Another long haired 30 something here (37 to be precise) It's just below bra strap lemgth, but layered so the front doesn't look as long. I can't wear it down without straightening it as it has a weird frizz/wave/flick thing going that makes me look like some awful 1970s reject.

I wear it down (side parting, diagonal cut fringe), mid height pony at the back, various messy loose bun things at the back (don't know what it's called) two plaits sometimes. Headscarfs, bands whatever look awful on me.

My hair's black and scarlet atm though, so I obviously don't care that much about looking my age grin <<growing old disgracefully emoticon>>

Horton Wed 15-Oct-08 17:05:30

I'm nearly forty and have no plans to cut my hair in the near future!

largeginandbloodymary Wed 15-Oct-08 17:11:07

Am 31 and look about 12 when my hair is up, not a good look when 6 children are trailing after you.

Mine is long and very curly, i wear it down and let it do whatever the hell it wants as i have no control anyway.

It is raggy and needs a bloody good cut though blush Will have to get it done before i meet the ultra glam Nailey next year!

Oh and i only wash it once a week, tis frizz madness otherwise (well more than normal level of uncontolable frizz)

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