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Is there a Xmas night out - what to wear? thread yet?! I am so stuck, please help!

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Caz10 Tue 14-Oct-08 21:06:26

Last year I had a 2 week old dd at Xmas, can't remember the year before that but I certainly know I was a size smaller than I am now!
So am faced with the horrific task of getting a whole new "Xmas night out" outfit - what is the done thing this year?!

Caz10 Thu 16-Oct-08 19:28:37


BoysAreLikeZombies Thu 16-Oct-08 19:34:39


What is the occasion? Formal/work party/kitchen supper/insert here ?

Size please, budget too, and finally are you in a position to go out to the shops or internet-shop only?

Caz10 Thu 16-Oct-08 21:42:16

ooh fab you sound like you are talking business! Work night out - one of these dire tribute band/rubbish meal/office party things (and I don't even work in an office!).

Size 10, shortish, not keen on exposing too much upper arm (bingo wings grin). pre-baby I suppose I was reasonably young and trendy...I don't want to suddenly morph into someone who turs up to these things wearing black mummy-bum trousers and a glittery top...grin...

Caz10 Thu 16-Oct-08 21:44:26

Oh - budget - hmmm up to £100 all in...but only if I really have to, would much prefer to keep it closer to £50....does that spoil all my chances?!

BoysAreLikeZombies Thu 16-Oct-08 22:28:11

Aaargh had to do stuff in RL eeeek


size 10 envy/cover bingo wings/not mummy trousers/not glittery.

Caz10 Fri 17-Oct-08 09:22:44

aaah, best to avoid all that RL stuff I find...(hence me not knowing what is "in"!)

samsonara Fri 17-Oct-08 10:50:34

How about something like this? You can wear a plain starppy vest top under the sheer top and sheer or opaque tights in a similar colour to the shoes?
sheer top
leather skirt

Caz10 Fri 17-Oct-08 19:44:30

Ooooh LOVE the top samsonara, in fact that is my ideal top as it hides both bingo wings and my chest area which is RUINED from dd's scratching and burst blood vessels when pg. Love the shoes too, not sure re the skirt...would I be brave enough?!

samsonara Fri 17-Oct-08 20:12:37

Thanks Caz10 I love that type of top too! If the rock chic skirt isn't quite right how about a romantic look with this
ruffled one

or a sharper look with a pencil skirt like this

I think it would still look good with a more A- line skirt and ofcourse fab with trousers and heels of some kind.

Caz10 Sun 19-Oct-08 19:53:53

Oooh loving all of that!! Think I'd be happier in a skirt - I have reasonable legs (shape wise, they are hideous otherwise and have to ALWAYS be in tights grin) so as I'm covered to the neck I like to give my pins an airing.

So, just so I know, is rock chic what's in then??

samsonara Sun 19-Oct-08 20:02:28

Well, its very Ms Moss, and she's always in!

Caz10 Sun 19-Oct-08 20:11:02

That is true!

captainofthemummies Sun 19-Oct-08 20:13:19

You really like that top??? With the big pussy-bow???And satin??


Caz10 Sun 19-Oct-08 21:21:15

I really do! grin

But am open to suggestions...what would you go for instead?

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