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Jeans please?

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honestfriend Mon 13-Oct-08 16:20:38

I am fed up with trying to get a pair of jeans to fit my middle-aged body.
I am a size 10, verging on a 12 round my belly ( trying to lose menopausal flab at the mo!)and short- 5'3".
I have just tried on 5 pairs delivered from Next in a size 10 and 12. 10s are just too tight and 12s enormous- fit my muffin belly but slide down as well [hmmm] If they fit my hips ( or fat belly)slide down and the back pockets end up at the top of my thighs. The worst thing though is the low rise- I want a pair that end about an inch below my belly button- not 3 inches below with a muffin top hanging over and the need to wear long tops to cover the gap.

any ideas?

Soprana Mon 13-Oct-08 16:24:05

Me too! My favourite, aged pair of Gap jeans is on its last legs - worn out at the knee, fraying at the hem, and faded to hell. Here's hoping there's a quick answer!

Soprana Mon 13-Oct-08 16:25:02

And Gap only seem to do low rise nowadays.... The skinny, low-rise wearing assistants looked at me with pity if I asked if they do high waisted ones...

honestfriend Mon 13-Oct-08 16:42:49

Glad I am not the only one- you'd think it would be so easy- size 10-12, wants a pair of straight leg or slight boot cut darkish wash jeans. Boden don't fit, Next don't fit, Gap don't fit- Per Una have always felt rather odd, am currently wearing a pair from Monsoon that are better than these others, but still expose a lot of bare tummy if no long top is worn!

Soprana Mon 13-Oct-08 17:14:01

No, I know, it's a complete nightmare. I live in jeans (they hide a multitude of of sins), and I can't bare having my bum crack or my wobbly belly on show. It has got so bad I did 800 jumps with my skipping rope today to try to accelerate the shrinking of my flab. I'm allergic to exercise (brings me out in hives) so I know I've got to find a pair asap!
Haven't tried Monsoon - might give that a go. My other problem is short legs. I'm a physical freak, I know. Fingers crossed some of the style experts see this and get back to us! Someone save us!

girlsnightout Mon 13-Oct-08 17:49:01

Have a look in TopShop. Their jeans are pretty good. The indigo or black Eva Skinny Flare Jeans are very flattering.

honestfriend Mon 13-Oct-08 18:02:43

Thanks- I spent ages in a big Top Shop a few days ago and id they have my waist size and leg length? no! I will look again or maybe try ordering over web.

Horton Mon 13-Oct-08 18:11:35

Uniqlo is great for jeans. I have some straight leg ones that come up to my actual navel. I totally love them. And they were only £25.

honestfriend Mon 13-Oct-08 18:22:02

are they on line or shop?

haven't seen them...

Horton Mon 13-Oct-08 18:28:53

It's online and shop. Shops only in bigger cities, though, I think. Have a look here.

TheBlonde Mon 13-Oct-08 18:29:41

New Look Hula used to be good
Sains jeans seem to be the same as the New Look ones but different labelling - got a pair for £10 last week

Horton Mon 13-Oct-08 18:30:18

I think these are the ones I have, not sure:


Amandoh Mon 13-Oct-08 18:30:44

Topshop Eva jeans are fab.

The waist isn't too low and they have a bit of stretch so they're nice and snug on the legs but don't feel tight.

TheBlonde Mon 13-Oct-08 18:32:21


SilentTerror Mon 13-Oct-08 18:34:58

I like Monsoon ,am similar shape and height to you.

kerryk Mon 13-Oct-08 18:40:41

i bought these last week.

i work in a nursery so bought them for scruffing around in with the kids (check out the cheapo price) but they are a fantastic pair of jeans.

they are quite high waisted with loads of streach and sizes come up big so i would stick to the 10 (plus they are diffrent leg lengths)

i bought the black, navy and blue grin

kerryk Mon 13-Oct-08 18:41:14

theblonde beat me to it!! grin

TheBlonde Mon 13-Oct-08 18:47:33

I agree about the sizes

honestfriend Mon 13-Oct-08 18:57:08

Thanks ladies!

TheBlonde Tue 14-Oct-08 19:13:46

update go as small as poss on the sains or new look jeans - 1 day in and mine are falling off

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