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Help desperately need for interview clothes!

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1dilemma Sun 12-Oct-08 11:04:00

I desperately need help, have to find something to wear for an interview, on Tuesday ideally could wear it for work after. Needs to be smart not funky at all!! Thinking prob black, I can get to Peter Jones/Kings Road on Monday or later today but would need to find it quickly.
It really needs to be conservative/classic.
I like nice frabic.

The problem is I'm now a size 14/16 since having my child (quite a while ago blush) but am usually a 12 so I loathe shopping and have got nothing but yoga trousers for about 2 years.
Please help!

1dilemma Sun 12-Oct-08 11:24:31

Desperate bump where are all the stylish people?

KomodoGhee Sun 12-Oct-08 11:32:42

i had this same problem a couple of weeks ago. i went for some woolen wide leg trousers from hobbs. pricey but i love them. and a collared shirt under a v neck sweater. smart but not too stuffy.

trousers and sweater were brown, shirt was purple.

i got the job!!!

which reminds me, i have to go and thank the mnetter who gave me advice on clothes.

lovecat Sun 12-Oct-08 11:44:33

Um... what's the job for?

I'm by no means stylish so feel free to ignore, but for an interview where you have to be smart would suggest black/dark grey trousers, wide-legged/high-waisted if poss (does wonders hiding/smoothing for the jelly belly!), a crisp white blouse tucked in and a necklace to add interest/colour, with a dark jacket. With black boots with a heel or shoeboots?

All of which are available at F&F (Messrs Tesco) for not many £££... I know you said you like nice fabrics, though, so if you can find similar on the Kings Rd for better quality, go for it!

1dilemma Sun 12-Oct-08 13:07:33

Thanks guys!
Purple and brown sounds interesting, still havn't left the house I see someone has a similar thread just below so will look at that too!

TheBlonde Mon 13-Oct-08 12:48:21

Hobbs, Kew, Jigsaw

did you find anything?

1dilemma Mon 13-Oct-08 22:33:46

Am stuffed, I have failed to find the paperwork I need, get something to wear, organise a haircut and cancel something at work.
I'm off to that shop (the cheap one) across the road tomorrow to see if I can find a desperately needed black jacket.

I looked in all of them if I'd wanted trousers Hobbs would have been fine, but dh told me to get a skirt suit.
All skirt suits were about 12 inches above the knee or turned out to be shorts.
LK Bennett had some interesting stuf but nothing above a size 10.

I found some poss stuff in Peter Jones but ran screaming from the changing room when I tried it on at the sheer size of me, they had a nice top but it made me look at least 8 months pregnant.

Do you want to join weightwatchers with me? grin or go out for a drink sometime?

TheBlonde Tue 14-Oct-08 17:11:15

Ah sorry to hear that
Hope it went well

Deffo on for a drink

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