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Wrap Draped Jersey Top - It's great

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Swedes Fri 10-Oct-08 11:25:12

[[ reduced to £25]

Swedes Fri 10-Oct-08 11:25:42

sorry here

flowerybeanbag Fri 10-Oct-08 11:33:17

Is it quite long Swedes?

TheBlonde Fri 10-Oct-08 11:37:43

what's their sizing like?

Zazette Fri 10-Oct-08 11:52:12

Never ordered from them, but liking the look of some of the stuff in their sale a lot. I am a bit of a titch - how do their sizes come up? generous, not so? thanks!

shangrila Fri 10-Oct-08 12:01:09

Wonderful. I have just ordered [[]

which is exactly what I have been searching aimlesslessly for for months. And only £25! Brilliant tip. Thanks

Swedes Fri 10-Oct-08 12:04:36

I have only ever ordered knitwear or jersey tops so I'm unsure about the precise sizing. In terms of length - I'm 5' 6" and it's fine for me. Their knitwear (mostly silk mixes) is lovely quality and it washes beautifully.

Zazette Fri 10-Oct-08 13:37:15

thanks so much Swedes, have just ordered a ton of stuff!

Pannacotta Fri 10-Oct-08 16:46:46

Swedes that looks really nice, thanks for the tip.
Can I ask which size you are normally and which size you order from Wrap?

moocowmrs Fri 10-Oct-08 21:08:18

Bumping cos this is fab, have bought loads !! great for the larger sized of us !! can't wait was such a bargin paid for express delivery !

onceinalifetime Fri 10-Oct-08 21:13:49

Excellent tip thanks, I think I am going to order one.

Got this dress delivered today and it is fab, looks good over a t-shirt or long sleeved stripey top, hides a multitude of stomach issues and could be ok for maternity wear but doesn't look it. I'm not pregant btw but I think I still look it.

onceinalifetime Fri 10-Oct-08 21:14:19

pregnant even

Swedes Fri 10-Oct-08 22:36:15

Oooh I like that dress but sadly I have hockey legs.

Pannacotta - I am still a bit of a weird post baby shape..... 1 year later .... size 16 blush but working on it. I asked my sister who is a perfect 10 and gets a lot of stuff from them, she says she just orders her normal size.

Pannacotta Fri 10-Oct-08 22:41:42

Thanks Swedes, am also odd post baby shape at 16 months later (size 10-12 bust and hips but about size 14 waist!!!).
Thanks for the tip, have ordered said top plus another one too - here's hoping they will fit...

Swedes Fri 10-Oct-08 23:14:03

pannacotta envy

NappiesLaGore Fri 10-Oct-08 23:22:28

ooh, am liking all of that. darn it.

gigglewitch Fri 10-Oct-08 23:36:29

thanks smile

singingtree Sat 11-Oct-08 08:10:42

Shangrila I love that dress, I regretted not ordering it last year- am going to get one now

suggy Tue 14-Oct-08 16:43:33

Hello - spent £170: got red coat, the wool viscose trousers - navy and black, viscose top that Swedes recommended and a long sweater. Desperate for it to arrive. I prefer internet shopping where it arrives next day... Can't handle anticipation of waiting.

Then again - has anyone bought a Rainbows uniform. They are terrible - still waiting one week on angry

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