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<<WAIL>> I have a spot, just where my glasses rest on my nose...........what to do????

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SuperPsychoFabioSaver Thu 09-Oct-08 07:34:05

I know this is not technically style, but it does come under beauty I feel and so I will ask my urgent need here

I normally leave spots until they go, or do the dreaded and squeezeblush, but this one is on my nose right on the bridge, just where my glasses pad thingy rests and it hurts.

Right there it is also very very thin skin wise, and so unable to squeeze, and too near to my eye to put anything stringant on it (and believe me I do KNOW that having already tried it and then had to wipe away very very quickly for fear of an exploding eyeballshocksad).


anything to suggest I can do please???

<<it hurts, I am feeling ever-so-slightly desperate!>>

Furball Thu 09-Oct-08 07:35:48

burst it with a sterile needle

SuperPsychoFabioSaver Thu 09-Oct-08 07:38:12


but but but

I don;t like needles and what if my hand holding the needle shakes????

<<POP>> goes my eye......

<<<we need those googly eye'd emoticons back for this very thread, and maybe a one-eye'd onehmm>>>

we have a one eye'd one....wink

WillTheRealFabioPleaseStandUp Thu 09-Oct-08 07:38:48

Wear your glasses slightly lower on your nose and peer over them old lady style?

Pop into specsavers on your way to work and do a contact lense trial trial today?

SuperPsychoFabioSaver Thu 09-Oct-08 07:40:33

I can do the old lady look

cannot do the contact lense look.......have ishoo's touching my eyeballsblush

<<ponders getting over the isshooshmm>>

Furball Thu 09-Oct-08 08:08:02

put a blue plaster over it to hide it wink

SuperPsychoFabioSaver Thu 09-Oct-08 08:10:29

lo....that made me giggle

I am not sure that a blue plaster would do it somehow, altho if there are adam ant fans out there I guess I could be paying some kind of weird homagewinkgrin!

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