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boots for the more endowed calf

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AussieLou Wed 08-Oct-08 12:55:15

I am after boots for my fat wide calves. I want to buy goooooood boots so am willing to spend a bit of dosh on leather so am not looking at me usual evans plasticy ones this year. Flat heeled knee/mid calf length in black. Any ideas??

MadameCastafiore Wed 08-Oct-08 12:56:20

Evans are cut for the wider calf my sister in law buys in there for this very reason!

Calf or Calves?????????????

pofaced Wed 08-Oct-08 12:59:52

Some Clark's ones come with wider leg. I got lovely ones there last year with very neat ankle so I look as if I have very shapely calves!

katch Wed 08-Oct-08 13:07:16

Look at Duo - I've heard they make them in to fit and they're not that expensive.

buttercreamfrosting Wed 08-Oct-08 13:09:37

I think Next did wider fittings at one point, not sure if they still do.

katch Wed 08-Oct-08 13:11:01

Have been trying and failing to link to - they definitely fit wider calves.

Lauriefairycake Wed 08-Oct-08 13:12:17

annmar Wed 08-Oct-08 13:13:42

Next do a wider fitting, but when I was looking a couple of years ago, the wider fitting still didn't fit me.

I got mine from Evans. They were the only ones that fit, although now I'm no longer pregnant they are quite roomy.

uberalice Wed 08-Oct-08 13:15:18

I'm wide of calf too and last year I found some fabulous boots in Hobbs. They're knee length and have an elasticated panel at the back which has just enough give in it to allow the zip to close. I've worn them loads and they still look good as new. I've had many compliments about them. Pricey, but the best money I've ever spent on boots.

BloodshotEyeballsintheScarySky Wed 08-Oct-08 13:24:45

When you are talking about wide of calf, what sort of measurement are you talking?

<wonders if hers are biggest>

I've always had legs like a footballer and two years ago I got my first ever pair of long boots in Evans. I sat hugging and kissing them for days on end, I was so happy.

AussieLou Wed 08-Oct-08 13:26:34

I have never heard of Duo.
There are some nice shoes on their site.
Next boots are a little to narrow as well.
I will check out clarks again. I have lost some weight so hopefully some is off my calves.
(Out of curiosity, why do we say 'lose weight'. Doesnt losing something imply that I might find it again?)

FiveGoMadInDorset Wed 08-Oct-08 13:27:54

Oh My God katch and laurie, I heart you big time, have always wanted boots and Duo do them in my calf size.

AussieLou Wed 08-Oct-08 13:28:43

mmmm possibly a BAAAAAAAAAAAAD looking at the Duo website. I feel a large purchase about to happen.

JackieNo Wed 08-Oct-08 13:29:00

Definitely Duo - the only problem with them is the rather expensive postage (they charge for each pair you order) and returns (can be about £6 a box). So if you're near any of their fitting rooms/shops, I'd definitely recommend a visit, to make sure you get the right thing first time. And I'd also recommend keeping an eye out for their sales grin.

MadBadandDangerousToKnow Wed 08-Oct-08 13:30:26

I was advised to try M&S. Although they have boots for the (ahem) more substantial leg, they still weren't wide enough for mine. I now have some fabric ones from Evans and some biker-ish ones from Clarks.

MorrisZapp Wed 08-Oct-08 13:31:03

I'm a size 14 and love the boots/skirts look, but can't wear it due to insanely disproportionate Popeye/ Kevin Keegan style calf muscles.

I remember trying on 'extra wide' boots in M&S and couldn't get the zip more then half way up blush

I do believe that Duo is your friend though, They make a vast array of calf sizes.

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 08-Oct-08 13:37:53 do some boots, and they come in several calf sizes

Combustiblelemon Wed 08-Oct-08 13:39:31

I have lovely leather ones from Evans- I got them 3 years ago and wear them to death in the winter. I've had them reheeled twice and the man said what lovely quality the leather was [smug]

Buda Wed 08-Oct-08 13:41:37

Emotion do wider fit too.

JackieNo Wed 08-Oct-08 13:42:37

ALso Plus in Boots (though I've never ordered from them, so no idea what they're like).

Friendlypizzaeater Wed 08-Oct-08 13:46:13

Had emotion ones last year and I also have footballers calves ! Great boots, really comfy. Also ordered some from ebay USA and shipped them in.

jura Wed 08-Oct-08 14:06:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AussieLou Wed 08-Oct-08 15:05:42

I cannot get my calf into any of the high steet store boots. I am pretty muscley from sport and also from some weather insulating fat. I have to agree Jura, are we due a boot resize?
I am going to order some boots from Duo definately. Thanks for the tip!!!!!

MorrisZapp Wed 08-Oct-08 16:15:11

Just measured my calf to see where I stand on the Kevin Keegan-ometer...

39 cms!

It's all muscle blush

Lauriefairycake Wed 08-Oct-08 16:46:17

Mine are 43cm - and I refuse to blush

I heart my duo boots - have two pairs - one in the sale 3 months ago for £60 grin

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