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What was that website that an MNetter told us about. It had clothes from lots of different retailers on one site

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Lmccrean Sun 05-Oct-08 21:12:43

Ive been searching for it, and am going crosseyed. Please help!

brimfull Sun 05-Oct-08 21:13:32

Lmccrean Sun 05-Oct-08 21:14:59

thank you!

LetThemEatCake Sun 05-Oct-08 21:17:02

yes that was me.

Whatcha looking for?


OllieWollieWoo Sun 05-Oct-08 21:25:34

Fab website - been looking for a new LBD and there are hundreds on there! Ta!

Lmccrean Sun 05-Oct-08 21:27:20

An excuse not to do my coursework... And me and dd need whole new wardrobes! I hate walking round shops, so loving this site.

LetThemEatCake Sun 05-Oct-08 21:31:00

oooh, I bought an LBD recently ... love love love it! Was quite expensive but am sure an investment piece ...

what are you getting Ollie?

shhhh Sun 05-Oct-08 21:46:03

feck..shock I have never seen sooooooooooooo many shoes in my life grin.

OllieWollieWoo Sun 05-Oct-08 21:51:07

Sorry - still ploughing my way thro Shopstyle! Still looking at the mo. Am being a tad fussy and hankering after one with capped sleeves without looking like a work type dress!

Like this sort of style - but maybe in satin like material???

this nice too

and this even tho not a LBD

Sigh - too much choice - and thats just on the Coast site!!!

Details of your invest buy please LTEC! I could be persuaded to increase my budget and use the ole'....its a classic which I can wear for years to come argument....!

LetThemEatCake Sun 05-Oct-08 22:03:51

oh, I like all of yours. Think the first is my fave though.

this is mine

doesn't look much in the main pic but if you click on the mannequin, you get an idea of how it is on - it's lovely although my legs prob need a bit of work blush

Bought an old lady necklace for £1.50 from a church jumble sale and it's perfect with it. Medallion style, big stones. Horrible by itself, lovely with the dress. Weird how that happens.

OllieWollieWoo Mon 06-Oct-08 06:56:20

Really, really lovely dress LTEC. A classic - simple but tres chic! I love that style but have no idea if it would suit me.

Had seen this on the Monsoon website for a more casual dress which I liked - along the
same lines as a smock like dress:

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