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If you dye your hair a truly crap colour (so bad that people point and laugh) how long before you can re-dye it??

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Lauriefairycake Sun 05-Oct-08 12:34:55

I dyed it dark red last week. It is so bad all my friends strained for politeness at a gathering on Friday. A small child pointed and laughed at me in a shop yesterday.

How long before I can dye it again. Condition is so-so, not awful, not perfect.

HRHSaintMamazon Sun 05-Oct-08 12:37:37

wash wash and re wash. preferably in head and shoulders or johnsons baby shampoo.

it will help strip the colour out.

Sadly red is a nightmare to get out once its on im afraid.

give it a day of constant washing and then try again.

Chandra Sun 05-Oct-08 12:41:37

How about using one non permanent dye on top? those solutions are not that bad on the hair and certainly can help to hide the red until the hair is healthy enough to put another permanent dye on.

brimfull Sun 05-Oct-08 12:44:13

if I were you I'd go to a decent hairdresser and get it sorted,i gather it's permanent colour

macherie Sun 05-Oct-08 15:33:24

You could try this then dye it again

NoblesseOblige Sun 05-Oct-08 16:03:22

how tough is your hair? if you've dyed it lots of times before then chuck some bleach on it and then dye it as close to your natural colour as possible.

and before you all shoot me down in flames, yes I KNOW this is awful for your hair but i've done it and i ain't bald (yet blush)

cocolepew Sun 05-Oct-08 16:10:02

Strip it and dye it or just dye it brown, use a permanent.

ImnotMamaGbutsheLovesMe Sun 05-Oct-08 16:11:54

You can buy stuff in Boots to take the colour out. Be careful.....

Hassled Sun 05-Oct-08 16:12:29

I had something like this and just redyed the next day - was fine. Probably not wise, but again, I still have a full head of hair.

cocolepew Sun 05-Oct-08 16:15:09

I dye my hair all the time, including stripping colour out and bleaching, it's usually ok but I do have very short hair.

earthpixie Sun 05-Oct-08 17:45:14

I thought red dye was notoriously unstable and faded the quickest of all? you might find it goes faster than you think. a hairdresser told my mum once to shampoo once with washing up liquid after a bad dye job, then loads with normal shampoo.

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