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good god

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LetThemEatCake Sat 04-Oct-08 20:08:31

are they seriously suggesting to wear these 3 items together?

traceybath Sat 04-Oct-08 20:09:59

more is most definitely more!

jaeger very odd - last season some lovely bags but this season they're vile.

notnowbernard Sat 04-Oct-08 20:10:30


Donatella Versace style


JackieNo Sat 04-Oct-08 20:10:47

grin. Lol at 'extremely versatile'grin

Mimsy2000 Sat 04-Oct-08 20:11:01

if you want to be fully camoflaged in the pond, yes.

Liffey Sat 04-Oct-08 20:11:24

Yuck, even individually. Didn't think Jaegar did stuff like that! Those leggings would put hips on a snake.

LetThemEatCake Sat 04-Oct-08 20:12:28

not my cup of tea but could imagine v striking on the right person

MrsMattie Sat 04-Oct-08 20:12:37


namechangefersure Sat 04-Oct-08 20:16:03

cake -- 60 pounds for a bracelet
that's nuts

LetThemEatCake Sat 04-Oct-08 20:18:04

eh? what bracelet?

FairyMum Sat 04-Oct-08 20:22:39

Do they seriously suggest you should wear any of these items at all?shock

PeppermintPatty Sat 04-Oct-08 20:24:45

It's a good look....

ifyou're going to a fancy dress party..... a snake wink

JumpingDizzy Sat 04-Oct-08 20:26:39

i wouldn't pay 99p in primark for any of it

ClosedForCleaning Sat 04-Oct-08 20:37:12

OMG - I have a phobia of snakes and am likely to pass out if someone heads in my direction wearing any of that. Vile!

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