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That oh so reduced white winter pull on coat

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iMum Sat 04-Oct-08 18:58:18

There was a thread about it a while back and I cant find it! any one remember it?

JuliePurchill Sat 04-Oct-08 18:59:17

The Lands End one? I got one so I'm safe in an avalanche.

iMum Sat 04-Oct-08 18:59:58

quite possibly

iMum Sat 04-Oct-08 19:12:58

bugger, having now seen this i fear oh so reduced coats are off the list!

I want!!!

JuliePurchill Sat 04-Oct-08 19:14:28

My one's much nicer.


iMum Sat 04-Oct-08 19:21:44

do you have the link?

JuliePurchill Sat 04-Oct-08 19:35:45

The white squall one. But when you click the link it brings up one at £150, maybe there's none left.

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