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Some lovely things in LK Bennet, but HongKongPhooey! they are expensive!

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littlelapin Sat 04-Oct-08 18:43:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Wheelybug Sat 04-Oct-08 18:44:26

ooh I have a wedge of vouchers from my birthday in July - have been carrying them around with me for ages. Was walking by an LKB today and guess what ? I did n't have them on me. Aaaarrrghhhhh.

McDreamy Sat 04-Oct-08 18:46:13

Oooh that's tres chic!! Lovely but yes a tad on the pricey side shock

Can you wait til January? Maybe some bargains to be had then?

tissy Sat 04-Oct-08 18:47:24

oh dear though

littlelapin Sat 04-Oct-08 18:48:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tissy Sat 04-Oct-08 18:49:41


McDreamy Sat 04-Oct-08 18:50:00

Swindon? They have an LK don't they? And a Hobbs!

Wheelybug Sat 04-Oct-08 18:50:44

Actually - probably saved me from myself. Am up the stick so couldn't get into any of the clothes and probably would have veered towards (yet another) pair of ballet pumps. Prob best I save them from when I can get some boooootiful shoes.

I only live about 10 mins from a LKB and a LKB sales shop so plenty of opportunity for research !

traceybath Sat 04-Oct-08 18:50:47

i love this coat but unless it ends up at 75% off there's no way i'm having it.

have been in bath shop several times to stroke it blush

McDreamy Sat 04-Oct-08 18:52:09

I'm the same as you Wheely can only buy shoes in these lovely shops sad

littlelapin Sat 04-Oct-08 18:53:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Wheelybug Sat 04-Oct-08 18:55:07

McD - when i was probably about 8 months pg with dd I waddled into the LKB sale determined to buy myself some nice shoes because it was the only thing I could buy. BUt, I couldn't bend down to put the blardy things on so left in a huff with dh giggling.

traceybath Sat 04-Oct-08 18:56:11

Very nice boots! I've got duo boots - can't believe how much better they are than non calf-width fitting ones. Only problem is that 2 other mummies have got same boots as me in my DS's class - i was first though wink.

littlelapin Sat 04-Oct-08 18:59:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

McDreamy Sat 04-Oct-08 19:00:55

I quite fancy a pair of duo boots! Which ones did you go for?

Lol Wheely - I sympathize - how many weeks are you?

redrobin Sat 04-Oct-08 19:01:05

LL ooh i got those today brown! divine.

Wheelybug Sat 04-Oct-08 19:51:55

17 weeks McD so still a loooong way to go... you ?

traceybath Sat 04-Oct-08 19:57:18

LL - you got DH to go shoe shopping with you? How did you manage that?

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