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saw ana dvert int he times for a red lipstain

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NotCod Sat 04-Oct-08 15:22:41

not benetint - liek in a lipsalve pot? any ideas

PussinJimmyChoos Sat 04-Oct-08 15:29:56

No, but I do know that the Bodyshop does a red lip stain that is just as good as the Benefit one, although doesn't taste as nice on the lips ( the benefit one is made from crushed rose petals apparently)

PussinJimmyChoos Sat 04-Oct-08 15:30:57

<ps - maybe you can tell me why my bloody foundation goes all flaky on me after a few hours - I use all Estee Lauder products and the foundation is Lucidity...too drying maybe?>

cheesesarnie Sat 04-Oct-08 15:31:58

be never to busy to be beutiful does one.

watsthestory Sat 04-Oct-08 15:33:11

Message withdrawn

watsthestory Sat 04-Oct-08 15:34:46

Message withdrawn

watsthestory Sat 04-Oct-08 15:36:08

Message withdrawn

littlelapin Sat 04-Oct-08 15:42:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NotCod Sat 04-Oct-08 17:30:33

puss - yes and you want to moisturise before

NotCod Sat 04-Oct-08 17:31:55

watty i htink that is

that and hte bobbi brwon geleyeliner i want to try

sprogger Sat 04-Oct-08 17:44:18

Ah, I've just bought a pot of that gel eyeliner in chocolate shimmer. Tis great - easy to put on with brush and stays put for oh, ever.

NotCod Sat 04-Oct-08 17:51:50

omg more on blog
come and ocmment

PussinJimmyChoos Sat 04-Oct-08 20:12:18

Cod - I do moisturise first...<sigh>

Pmsl at cheesestrings on the blog grin

traceybath Sat 04-Oct-08 20:13:35

armani lip wax perhaps?

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