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ditching the backpack - how big is your handbag?

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florenceuk Fri 03-Oct-08 16:57:55

How big is your handbag? Can it fit an A4 document in it? Do you have one for work and for home?

OK, I'm 42 and I know I need to ditch the backpack. But today going to work I had the times, a book, a net bag (Cod's tip!), wallet, keys, phone, tissues, a pen, a snack bar and a few smaller bits and pieces. Sometimes I put knitting in (not usually a book then as well). I wouldn't fit that in most handbags unless it was quite large - so do people carry a separate bag? I don't want a heavy bag, it'll hurt my back!

However if I'm at home, I just carry a wallet, phone, keys and a tissue - maybe a bottle of water in the summer. So do i really need two handbags??? Or do I buy a small one and then carry another bag as well going to work?

Szyslak Fri 03-Oct-08 17:02:02

I have a huge handbag, as I carry around an umberella, diary (which is big) and various other paraphanalia(sp?).

I used to have quite a few bags and alternate tham with with outfits and for differnt occasions, but I found I kept loosing things and was forever searching through 6 different bags.

So now I have 1. A big one. I love it.
I only use a small one if going out at night.

There are lots of big bags around at the moment, you should find one easily.

Holymoly321 Fri 03-Oct-08 17:03:51

what was the tip about the net bag?

Mercy Fri 03-Oct-08 17:04:10

I have a small handbag (about 7 x 4 inches).

Even when I worked pre-children I had a small(ish) bag. I think a small handbag and a separate smallish bag which can go over your shoulder is best tbh.

Is security a problem?

florenceuk Fri 03-Oct-08 20:03:28

yes so I don't really want an open bag (I did covet an Orla Kiely bag but they seemed too insecure to me).

This is all sparked off by going to Liberty and seeing this: fancy bag and thinking actually that looks like a perfect bag, has shoulder strap, outside pocket, zip, and a snip at £340 (gah).

Cod sang the praises of the M&S net bag for spontaneous shopping (nicer than a plastic bag).

ledodgy Fri 03-Oct-08 20:05:11

I have a huge bag it fits everything in and I love it. it's this one Not fancy but looks nice and fits in nappies and all the bits hell the baby could even fit in it. I also have the dress too!

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