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er.... a perm?

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QuickTour Fri 03-Oct-08 12:07:23

insane idea?

ToLeaveOrNotToLeave Fri 03-Oct-08 12:08:55

I'm growing my bob out so that I can have a perm

I expect next summer those loose waves are going to be all in again

and i want nice long thick hair ala cheryl cole.. I think I might have to have extensions though!

QuickTour Fri 03-Oct-08 12:13:00

that sounds nice! thats what I had in mind! any idea what they look like these days?

lou33 Fri 03-Oct-08 12:13:33

i have permed hair, but it is straight today

QuickTour Fri 03-Oct-08 12:14:01

are you happy with it lou33?

lou33 Fri 03-Oct-08 12:15:50

oh love it, have had it curly for about 3 yrs now, recently redone maybe a month ago?

TsarChasm Fri 03-Oct-08 12:18:56

Ooh I started a thread on this a week or so ago.

Go on look at lou's picture! She looks fab. Makes you want to grow your hair and get curls.

(Sorry lou don't want to embarrass you theregrin)

piratecat Fri 03-Oct-08 12:19:33

someone i know had long straight hair. she had a perm which totally makes her look gorgeous and bouncy. I saw her today and she looked so radiant. Unlike myself.!!

QuickTour Fri 03-Oct-08 12:21:10

ooooh - thats lovely! Might have to go ahead with this...

is it hard to look after?

lou33 Fri 03-Oct-08 12:25:18


piratecat Fri 03-Oct-08 12:27:01

i have just had the back of mine cut off, but now look longingly at people with hair!!

lou you're just too glam!!

lou33 Fri 03-Oct-08 12:27:13

nope not at all, thats why i like it, i can literally get out of bed and go if i have to

i am lazy you see, i only have my hair straight today because my friend coloured it for me yesterday pm and straightened it at the same time

v often i dont even bother to dry it, just put some mousse or serum or whatever in and leave it alone

QuickTour Fri 03-Oct-08 12:28:15

think I am convinced.... also v. lazy :D

lou33 Fri 03-Oct-08 12:28:53

oh i was talking to my mate about shorter hair yesterday (she is a hairdresser in case you hadnt worked it out, and she is the one who does my hair)

i was saying how short i used to have it years ago, but that now i prefer it to be longer

piratecat Fri 03-Oct-08 12:31:03

i always had it short, and crazy, but over the yrs just grew it. I am really pleased i had the back cut in now tho, it's taken a few yrs off me, so people have been saying!!

a GOOD thing.

lou33 Fri 03-Oct-08 12:32:03

they are quite expensive to get done, but its only every 6m really

before my friend had her salon it used to cost me about 120 inc the cut, to have it done

last time i had it done i had a semi perm colour put on at the same time, and she only charged me the cost price for the perm and semi (her business partner was lurking or else it would have been free), so it came to 30 quid

the colour yesterday was free

TsarChasm Fri 03-Oct-08 12:33:10

Curls always look so feminine, they soften features and hair still looks nice even if it's not perfectly 'done'.

But people with natural curls are all busy straightening them out.

lou33 Fri 03-Oct-08 12:40:00

i have a more recent pic of my hair a couple of days ago, let me load it onto somewhere for you to see, as it isnt the same as the pics i have on my mn profile anymore

lou33 Fri 03-Oct-08 12:43:16


QuickTour Fri 03-Oct-08 12:44:14

hey - lovely!

lou33 Fri 03-Oct-08 12:45:09

it doesnt look permed iyswim, they have come on a long way since the 80's!

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