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Ugg style sheepskin boots without the OTT price tag please?

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Holymoly321 Thu 02-Oct-08 19:30:11

Help, really want to get a nice pair of Uggs - chestnut tall ones, but can't afford the £180 price tag! Have worn out my pair of £10 cheapies and really want proper sheepskin ones. Have no qualms about buying ahem, 'reproduction' Uggs, just want to get good quality 'similar' ahem boots.

lovecat Fri 03-Oct-08 00:38:52

Try your local TK Maxx - they are selling a very similar version called Bearpaw in our nearest branch which are v. snuggly and come in identical colours/shapes to the Uggs - but are about £40 instead. They don't have them in my size THey did have Uggs in my size but they were 'bargain' priced at £150 shock so I left them where they were...

FairyMum Fri 03-Oct-08 06:56:47

I have these in black. They are not £10, but not as expensive as UGG either:

anyfucker Fri 03-Oct-08 07:26:13

yep, bearpaw are a resonable substitute

a bit "sturdier" than your ten quid copy

no that any of them can be described as remotely sturdy lol

bluesky Fri 03-Oct-08 07:37:48 has been recommended on here several times, I have just put my order in there

classics are £115, real snuggly sheepskin

kt14 Fri 03-Oct-08 14:19:44

£115 - more than I paid for my classic short Uggs!

What about M&S? Only £15 and look ok to me.. e=UTF8&node=42966030&m=A2BO0OYVBKIQJM&keywords=boots&mnSBrand=core&size=9&rh=&page=

kt14 Fri 03-Oct-08 14:21:34

here's a tall chestnut pair - £49.50

cremolafoam Fri 03-Oct-08 14:21:42


Holymoly321 Fri 03-Oct-08 17:07:22

thanks for the links - but really want sheepskin boots - ont suede with faux fur lining...

bluesky Fri 03-Oct-08 17:22:44

my celtic order arrived today ... luvverly!

TheBrindles Fri 03-Oct-08 17:36:59

mail me K311y 'AT' hotmail 'dot' com

kt14 Fri 03-Oct-08 18:28:17

be really careful of buying fake uggs though, the sheepskin can be really poor cardboardy quality.

How about these emu ones? they're tall, chestnut and sheepskin..

pushchair Fri 03-Oct-08 18:30:34

Dont do it stay away from the ugg look it is not nice.
What is it with uggs? The most ridiculous footwear imo

Whizzz Fri 03-Oct-08 18:32:14

(don't they make your feet really sweaty??)

TheMoistWorldOfSeptimusQuench Fri 03-Oct-08 18:34:21

Emus are really lovely quality. My pal has them in her shop. I love my Uggs, but would buy Emu next time 'cos they're just as good.

WantThisWantThat Fri 03-Oct-08 19:28:56

Hate to crow, but I'm getting Proper Uggs for b-day. Just found out that DH's has 20% discount card for shop that sells them. Still they will cost a small fortune and couldn't justify them for anything other than a pressie. DH nearly had a heart attack when he found out the cost. Ad yeah, they aren't the most attractive looking footwear ever - but jeez - it's baltic here already and I for one can't wait to have a pair keeping my legs all warm and snug.

Miyazaki Fri 03-Oct-08 19:30:38

Kiwi sheepskin v good

My dd has Emu - not sheepskin inside but wool (iyswim!)

Waswondering Fri 03-Oct-08 19:30:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bluesky Sat 04-Oct-08 16:31:31

i don't buy them for the look, buy them because they are the warmest comfiest boots ever

cunninghammonkey Sun 12-Oct-08 20:24:38

I had a pair of Emu boots last winter and I found the wool really itchy.

I got recommended a uk website that do 100% sheepskin boots and i bought a pair for my little girl and a pair of size 4-5 ones for myself.

The website is and they are cheaper than Emu and Celtic sheepskin and have free delivery.

honestfriend Sun 12-Oct-08 21:13:57

M&S Autograph have real suede ones but not real sheepskin lining- but they are only £40.

cunninghammonkey Sun 12-Oct-08 22:26:24

I paid £29.99 for the boots I got from Grommies and they are 100% sheepskin. The smaller sizes are cheaper I paid around £21/22 for the pink pair of sheepskin boots for my daughter.

this link shows a photo of the boots.

Annnie Mon 29-Dec-08 14:43:50

There are loads of brands of sheepskin uggs out there but I'm a fan of the Celtic Sheepskin ones, my daughter has a pair too and they can be washed in the washing machine which is a bonus, instructions at But if you shop around, especially in the sales you can get the more expensive branded ones at good prices, they are not necessarily better quality though.

HattieHC Wed 24-Jun-15 13:17:18

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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