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Going to the MOBOs and have no idea what to wear.

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cantpickyourfamily Wed 01-Oct-08 15:26:42

Has anyone been? Or go any ideas of what would b suitable?

cantpickyourfamily Thu 02-Oct-08 21:46:45

any ideas??

littlelapin Thu 02-Oct-08 21:47:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LetThemEatCake Thu 02-Oct-08 21:48:53

go to town, baby. Have the best time! go as OTT as you want, why not?

IdontWantToDressUp Thu 02-Oct-08 21:49:05

How about this Lewisfan really likes it grin

cantpickyourfamily Thu 02-Oct-08 21:55:07

who is lewisfan?

cantpickyourfamily Thu 02-Oct-08 21:56:08

yea my friend got tickets for us but I have no idea how dressed up I should get, but we will be travelling by bus or train so thinking maybe skinny jeans and top...

IdontWantToDressUp Thu 02-Oct-08 21:57:46

someone who is going to going to give me a kick if she sees this wink
As you were. I'm sure someone will be along with some suitably fashionable advice.
I can't stand it but I've heard <old woman pose> that toPshoP is very trendy these days. Apparently all the young folks go there (and try hard mnetters in denial about their-- age wink)

cantpickyourfamily Thu 02-Oct-08 21:58:55

I am in my early twenties so will be ok in topshop... grin

IdontWantToDressUp Thu 02-Oct-08 22:00:09

Well there you are then. Problem solved. Now you just plug yourself back into that eye-pod smile

<goes back to knitting>

NotCod Thu 02-Oct-08 22:00:31

ohg od knows
a top

cantpickyourfamily Thu 02-Oct-08 22:01:11

idontwantto - are you old or just pretending?? smile

cantpickyourfamily Thu 02-Oct-08 22:01:12

idontwantto - are you old or just pretending?? smile

IdontWantToDressUp Thu 02-Oct-08 22:02:14

LOL - in thirties. Can't knit. Geniunely scared in TopShop.

cantpickyourfamily Thu 02-Oct-08 22:04:02

I've never really liked topshop that much but have bought a couple of items from there recently...

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