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Cropped trousers and boots - yes or no

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MarlaSinger Wed 01-Oct-08 09:07:50

Not city shorts but crops, they finish at the top of the boot

fishie Wed 01-Oct-08 09:12:33

it depends on many things.

are you more likely to be described as 'stumpy' or 'willowy'?

are the trousers slim or wide?

are the boots high or low?

noddyholder Wed 01-Oct-08 09:21:53

If you are tall and slim yes esp with heels but could look odd otherwise.

GobbledigookisThrifty Wed 01-Oct-08 09:22:36

I wear cropped jeans with knee high boots in winter - they are wide-ish jeans, not skinny ones. Lots of people have commented on how nice it looks so I guess I'd say yes!

QueenMary Wed 01-Oct-08 09:23:20

Agree that you need to be very tall and slim, otherwise you will look like you've shrunk your trousers in the wash.

MarlaSinger Wed 01-Oct-08 09:25:03

Oh not me, I am tall but not willowy, fear it would look like I'd shrunk my trousers, and I don't do heels (slight wedge okay)

No am judging a colleague, think she wears it well but city shorts might be better

GobbledigookisThrifty Wed 01-Oct-08 09:25:43

I'm 5'6 and that's not tall.

How cropped are the trousers? My jeans come past my knee and finish just below where the knee high boots come to (ie they just cover the top of the boots) - they are not ankle length or anything!!

fishie Wed 01-Oct-08 09:27:11

yes that looks nice, where the trousers cover the boot. when there is a gap in between and [horrors] it is half way up the calf there is stumpitude.

QueenMary Wed 01-Oct-08 09:29:13

Gobbledi - yours sound fab. I think the secret is to have no gap between the boots and trousers even when sitting down (revealing american tan pop socks for example) so knee high boots are v good for that.

GobbledigookisThrifty Wed 01-Oct-08 09:29:16

stumptitude?! ROFL! Love it!

GobbledigookisThrifty Wed 01-Oct-08 09:30:11

Mine are brown suede flat boots with dark denim jeans.

Phew - was thinking it was a fashion no-no there for a moment!

MarlaSinger Wed 01-Oct-08 09:40:05

Gobble that sounds nice, brown suede is lovely. Still don't think I could carry it off. I salute you!

FeelingLucky Wed 01-Oct-08 09:42:26

Yes. Love that look, just wish I was tall enough to pull it off.

Thankyouandgoodnight Wed 01-Oct-08 13:56:47

Does it work with wide legged crops and flat red suede boots?? <hopeful>

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