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Gudrun Sjoden Agua Raincoat - revieweeee!!!

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Pushpinia Tue 30-Sep-08 14:34:40

I got it yesterday...tis more muted and darker than the pic, which is good as we are grown ups smile

the fabric is sort of crunkly and light and soft - not hard like the Boden Cloudspotter. It has a gentleness.

It is also rather large...I ordered M as I am a 10ish and like to wear jumpers under coats - it is Ok but big. I'm not sure if their S would fit though because I got a skirt in S and it was like a child's one, either that or had to wear it up under my tits just to do it up hmm

I digress...
it seems well made if a little flimsy - unlined, except for a bit of netting stuff in the centre? You can see all the taping on the inside of the seams.

I have not tested it in the rain as I am sending it back (unless anyone here wants one without the general 2 week wait! in which case I shall try it this arvo if required, tis bucketing)

It is quite a pregnanty-dressy shape, very feminine and I actually feel a bit daft in it though lots of people would look lovely. I am going to keep the Boden one I think. I like the lining element and the shape is less girly.

I hope that helps - did anyone get theirs?

Pushpinia Tue 30-Sep-08 14:35:28

Ooh and it is not rubbery or shiny. It's like material and v lightweight.

I am keeping the socks btw, they are fine smile

NotCod Tue 30-Sep-08 14:35:48

i tired on arather nice on in marks today
was it black yes balck wiht a zip and a flap wiht poppers
hidden hood and a toggle wasit

around £80 i think

not on site

Pushpinia Tue 30-Sep-08 14:36:39

mm sounds promising?

brimfull Tue 30-Sep-08 14:38:04

link to gudrun one?

I am awaiting llbean one in red

NotCod Tue 30-Sep-08 14:38:55

it was nice
i am a 14 top but htis was too big

no 12s

it was liek a smart coat rather than a mac

Pushpinia Tue 30-Sep-08 14:42:57

Here you go Ggirl

It won't let me link the actual page, you'll have to search!

Or click on the autumn drop down and coats. First page.

brimfull Tue 30-Sep-08 14:49:54


Websites like that really bug me.They have lovely photos but you can't see the item properly.

i don't want a pissing diagram

Pushpinia Tue 30-Sep-08 15:03:44

I know. It drives me insane.

The sizes are shit althoughg the quality is excellent and stuff is quite unusual.

My friend has the cord coat and it is v nice but we both think shoulders a bit wide.

I sent some other stuff back - red dance shoes (?) which were NOT good quality - reduced to 45 and the soles weren't even stuck on properly. But most items well made.

spudballoo Tue 30-Sep-08 16:07:08

Oooh glad you posted. I ordred the black/grey one in small, I wonder if it'll fit? I'm 10, 12ish sometimes? They are reduced at the moment.

Pushpinia Tue 30-Sep-08 16:43:38

Let us know! smile

For some reason I got mine for £56 when I checked out a few weeks customer thing perhaps?

I think it's probably worth the dosh.

AllBuggiedOut Tue 30-Sep-08 19:51:14

Which socks please?

mehgalegs Tue 30-Sep-08 19:55:07

I got mine, I loved it but it was too big so I have sent it back and exchanged for a smaller size

mehgalegs Tue 30-Sep-08 19:56:04

Mine was £48 push, it kept discounting money as I progressed hrough the checkout section - which was good!

AllBuggiedOut Tue 30-Sep-08 21:12:38

Ooh please tell me which socks, Pushpinia - I am loving patterned cotton knee highs. But wondering whether that look is only good for those with no calves hmm

spudballoo Tue 30-Sep-08 21:21:02

Yes mine was £48 too...I am eager for its arrival...

Pushpinia Wed 01-Oct-08 07:43:24

Oh sorry! blush Yes they are, erm - wait a mo, will find you a description, can't link to them - kneehigh Ixil i think it says.

Try that in the search box. i think they have some left!

Pushpinia Wed 01-Oct-08 07:45:39

No Ixil doesn't come up, they are art. no. 86-805. Type in 'socks' and they are there. They have some other nice ones too!

These are quite skinny though, I have 33cm calves and they are tight. Haven't washed them yet tho wink

- socks not legs!

spudballoo Wed 01-Oct-08 07:52:40

Just realiesd that my coat was £44 but they don't seem to have any left now?

mehgalegs Wed 01-Oct-08 13:26:02

Oh no! I hope I can still exchange mine. It was very nice but just unflattering as too big.

AllBuggiedOut Wed 01-Oct-08 14:14:51


Pushpinia Wed 01-Oct-08 14:44:53

Meh which colour/size did you want? I still have my medium green one if it's any use to you.
You could ring them and check the stock as they might be able to help.

mehgalegs Wed 01-Oct-08 14:46:45

Push - I ordered the XL because I am tall and size 16, have sent it back and am hoping to exchange for a L. I ordered the black. I loved the fabric, I shall cry if they don't have another.

Pushpinia Wed 01-Oct-08 14:50:40

Aw sorry I hope they do have some left sad

I just saw your review thread, sorry I jumped in with my own one, I missed the one you started! blush

mehgalegs Wed 01-Oct-08 17:11:17

No worries mate. MN is a big place. grin

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