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Does anyone actually wear stockings and suspenders on a daily basis?

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DrNortherner Mon 29-Sep-08 16:30:44

Not just in teh bedroom.

Just curious.

MamaFormerlyKnownAsGlam Mon 29-Sep-08 16:31:56

Sometimes if I'm going out, but usually only when I'm staying in wink.

FioFio Mon 29-Sep-08 16:32:04

Message withdrawn

whooosh Mon 29-Sep-08 16:32:36

Doesn't everyone? hmm

MrsTittleMouse Mon 29-Sep-08 16:33:28

I used to. Not now that I'm a boring old SAHM though. Mind you, I wear jeans all the time now, so it would look a bit strange. grin

overdraft Mon 29-Sep-08 16:33:32

Just for fun. I would hate to get run over wearing them wink

overdraft Mon 29-Sep-08 16:35:48

I went around an ex-boyfriend's house wearing them, nothing else and a mac shock. His dad answered the door and thank gawd he didn't offer to take my coat.

NotCod Mon 29-Sep-08 16:36:16

i try not to wear tights at all

georgiemum Mon 29-Sep-08 16:37:23

I suppose in some occupations it would be part of the uniform.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 29-Sep-08 16:37:44

Not daily, but fairly regularly.

overdraft Mon 29-Sep-08 16:38:40

Strippergram, lapdancer or dentist?

serenity Mon 29-Sep-08 16:42:16

I used to, prechildren and massive weight gain sad I'm tall and they were more comfy than tights (which are always too short, and I'd end up hoiking them up all the time)

I think Dh would like it if I wore them again, but I don't think it looks that appealing with flabby bits (should say actually that I wore them with very long skirts)

FabioAsGoodAsItGets Mon 29-Sep-08 16:44:01

i only wear stockings when robbing a bank

do NOT tell cod

cmotdibbler Mon 29-Sep-08 16:47:07

I often wear them when dressed up for work (no nothing exotic, just under my suit) as they are more readily available in tall sizes than tights in this country.

A proper 6 clip suspender belt is necessary though

MaloryDontDiveItsShallow Mon 29-Sep-08 16:54:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KerryMum Mon 29-Sep-08 16:55:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dropdeadfred Mon 29-Sep-08 16:56:20

I wear holdups alot if wearing a dress/skirt...but still prefer real stockings and suspenders rather than tights with the horrid baggy gusset

cmotdibbler Mon 29-Sep-08 16:57:35

Just as comfy as tights - and more so if you are used to tights that fall down every 5 minutes because they assume you must be a size 16 to need tall tights.

My sussie belt is all function and no glamour though - very plain black lycra with strong metal clips

wastingmyeducation Mon 29-Sep-08 17:29:49

I would if I wasn't massively huge.


twinsetandpearls Mon 29-Sep-08 17:35:57

I used to, mainly becasue tights were too hot.

I have worked with quite few female teachers who have worn stockings every day.

CountessDracula Mon 29-Sep-08 17:36:35

I wear hold ups if I have to wear anything

Rubyrubyruby Mon 29-Sep-08 17:38:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

twinsetandpearls Mon 29-Sep-08 17:41:42

I never trust hold ups to hold up, could not teach with hold ups round my ankles.

deegward Mon 29-Sep-08 17:42:49

I used to when I worked full time, but that was 7 years ago!

TotalChaos Mon 29-Sep-08 17:46:35

pmsl Fio. Surely it should be a fur coat with no knickers, not a flasher mac grin.

I used to many year ago for work, when i was young and skinny and found tights too warm.

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