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OK, I have the make-up, now I really need help

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LadyGlencoraPalliser Mon 29-Sep-08 14:10:32

I've been to Boots and possessed myself of age-defying foundation, concealer, mascara and eyeshadow.
Now help me guys. I need a makeover. I have put a couple of pics on my profile so you can see just how badly.
I am 44 years old and my skincare routine consists of washing my face with Clean and Clear in the shower. I read the magazines, I know this is not good. I did buy some moisturiser a couple of months ago but I haven't opened it yet.
My haircare routine consists of a twice-yearly twin and monthly application of Nice and Easy Light Natural Auburn or similar.
I am no longer sure this suits me and do not really recall what colour I used to be before I went prematurely grey started to dye it.
Would any kind souls out there like to look at my profile and give me some hair/skincare/style advice?
I thank you most kindly.

LadyGlencoraPalliser Mon 29-Sep-08 14:11:35

Twin? I meant trim of course.

MissisBoot Mon 29-Sep-08 14:12:06

You need to make your profile public!

Marina Mon 29-Sep-08 14:15:32

We need to see your pics, they are not there yet

I am about your age, and this is what works for my still slightly greasy but fairly easy-going skin:

Morning: Eve Lom Cleansing balm with muslin cloth (you can do this in the shower if you must wink), then Boots Protect and Perfect, then their No 7 tinted moisturiser with sunscreen

Evening: very basic Nivea cleanser/toner all in one, with cotton wool, then a dollop of a M & S Night Cream

I will look for hair advice from others with great interest as I have been caught in the trap of leaving hair (quite pretty pale reddy sandy colour, the white looks OK) undyed until
1) people start asking me if I am the dc's grandma
2) I am too broke to do the Right Thing which is have it done nicely by a professional every 8 weeks.

HeadFairy Mon 29-Sep-08 14:16:44

What condition would you say your skin is? Dry and sensitive or oily and with large pores?

Marina Mon 29-Sep-08 14:16:47

Only the Eve Lom is £££ in that impressive liste de beaute, and it is definitely worth it
Many people rate Liz Earle's equivalent cleanse and polish, and it is nice (as well as waaaaaay cheaper) but not so good for my skin

LadyGlencoraPalliser Mon 29-Sep-08 14:17:22

Sorry guys. I think it is public now.

LadyGlencoraPalliser Mon 29-Sep-08 14:18:33

I tried very hard to find some flattering pics but I tend to avoid cameras where possible.

EffiePerine Mon 29-Sep-08 14:20:44

nope still not there

I think moisturising the most imp thing. I've yet to find a tinted moisturiser I like (don;t get on with the no 7 one) but just remembering to slap on some cream night and morning makes a lot of difference. Am currently using the Waitrose baby stuff at night as have no imagination and am skint grin.

If you have dryish skin, Molton Brown do a lovely rosewax cleanser a la Eve Lom which is about 20 quid and lasts ages.

EffiePerine Mon 29-Sep-08 14:22:35

aha I can see it

I think the hair might be a bit red for your skin colouring - maybe go a bit browner or even blonder?

Dropdeadfred Mon 29-Sep-08 14:23:30

I can see the pics..but they are not very close up so hard to tell much

what is your natural hair colour? what colour are your eyes? what's your skintone (do you have ruddy cheeks)?

MissisBoot Mon 29-Sep-08 14:26:00

I'd say go a bit blonder and maybe a shorter hairstyle - your hair looks like it has lots body so you could get a really nice easy to maintain cut.

LadyGlencoraPalliser Mon 29-Sep-08 14:33:59

A new hairstyle is of the utmost importance folks. I was thinking maybe bob-length but not a bob exactly. I used to be blonde but it is a bit high maintenance for me now - what about a kind of light goldy brown?
Have a tendency to red on cheeks and a bit of broken veinage going on also.

NotCod Mon 29-Sep-08 14:35:07


colour and cut is w rong
you need a green founation de reddedning thing

then a nic foudnation in a pale tone..

NotCod Mon 29-Sep-08 14:35:23

the read hair does oyu neo favours

brimfull Mon 29-Sep-08 14:38:47

your hair colour makes your ruddiness stand out more

it needs either darkening or lightening I think

EffiePerine Mon 29-Sep-08 14:42:10

something like this?

Dropdeadfred Mon 29-Sep-08 14:42:55

i think the red hair just emphasises the red cheeks...i think you need to think of more dark honey tones...then industrial strength concealer on your cheeks and some nice liner for your eyes...

finknottle Mon 29-Sep-08 14:42:59

Am similar age & colouring & was v fed up a couple of yrs ago so the following comes with a "Gawd I knowwww Sybil Fawlty disclaimer" ...

Have your hair cut, yes, I know, pricey but a decent cut will do wonders. Believe. You have a lovely face & I think a shorter style will show it off better. Also lighter colour. I was always v wimpy re hairdressers till one day in a fit of despair I copied my mum (yup) and when they asked on the phone if I wanted anyone in particular I said, "I want a good cutter". Later realised that meant I wouldn't get the new one/student/useless cutter & also I don't have to go back so frequently.

Reasonably priced & fairly faff-free:

Garnier Skin Naturals cleanser.
Dove cleansing bar - highly recommended, bit of water & that's it.
Nivea Q10 night cream

Dove bar
Nivea Q10 day cream.

I save my Clarins stuff & have also saved loads using these.

I have a Boots red corrective moisturiser which is great for veins/cheeks.
Eye colour: what colour are yours?

Love your name btw.

LadyGlencoraPalliser Mon 29-Sep-08 14:48:36

Thanks guys. I have added another pic, of me and DH at his fortieth a couple of months ago. I realise now why I avoid having my photo taken! You are all so right, the red has to go!

LadyGlencoraPalliser Mon 29-Sep-08 15:08:02

OK so shorten hair and go golden brown, green concealer for red skin.
Eyes are blue - what colour eyeshadow?
I don't think I have ever knowingly used eyeliner. I will give it a shot.

NotCod Mon 29-Sep-08 15:08:53

id do a grey or brown pencil softly aroudn eyes

oh god where do you liove
ill come and do you

EffiePerine Mon 29-Sep-08 15:21:52

I use bronze or pinky shades - by pink I mean the neutral beigy pink that's v v popular

similar colouring to you only more yellow (have the same ruddiness issues)

LadyGlencoraPalliser Mon 29-Sep-08 17:14:08

Cod's travelling makeover service, how scary fantastic.
I will CAT you my address when I am feeling brave enough remember what it is.

finknottle Mon 29-Sep-08 18:13:11

I'd try grey too, wee bit of eyeshadow & smudge of liner under the eyes, v soft. Bit more glam e.g. for evening you could go for silvery.
Try the brown too, does nothing for me but you really have to experiment.
Am too far away for travelling makeover service but can handhold at distance wink

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