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best thing for a dry scalp?

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misdee Sat 27-Sep-08 19:33:49

i caught headlice off the kids recently,. am not clear, but all that combing with metal comb has irritated my scalp a fair buit. its very flakey and itchy now.

in fact if i hadnt been combing through my hair, i would swear i still had headlice now.


misdee Sat 27-Sep-08 19:34:22

a, now clear, not not blush

2loudboys Sat 27-Sep-08 21:38:41

I occasionally get an itchy dry scalp, and I have found that the only thing that gets it back on track is a shampoo from Klorane called Peony Shampoo (smells luverly too smile).

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