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DermaWand as seen on tvinformmercial. Too Good to be True?

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suzywong Thu 25-Sep-08 16:30:56

anyone got one?
and should the fact that the before and after graphic blocks out most of the light to the before side rendering it almost obsolete deter me for my quest for eternal youth?

suzywong Thu 25-Sep-08 16:50:42

oh come now
someone must have had one too many sherries of an afternoon and had their credit card handy


suzywong Fri 26-Sep-08 06:18:32

my youth is slipping away

Furball Fri 26-Sep-08 07:36:48

some fairly good reviews here

lilacclaire Fri 26-Sep-08 07:56:02

Yes, I have one.

It does make your skin look better and my pores always looked cleaner, lines did seem temporarily not as harsh. You do need to use it every day, in fact I would say morning and night.

I no longer use it, as I get botox and don't want the 'electrical thingmajings' to give my paralysed forehead a jumpstart!!

lilacclaire Fri 26-Sep-08 08:02:15

Just looked at the advert, LOL, its not THAT good, it does make your skin nicer though.

suzywong Fri 26-Sep-08 12:47:52

ooooooooh so not all bad then

does it make a noise?

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