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Pilates clothes

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sammysam Thu 25-Sep-08 15:07:58

Where is the best place to go to get suitable clothes? I've finally plucked up the courage and found a class but it starts on monday....Ihave nothing to wear!!! I can't spend too much on it but don't want 'chavvy' sports stuff grin where should i go?

Lovingthepink Thu 25-Sep-08 21:35:07

her is good. But not cheap...

Lovingthepink Thu 25-Sep-08 21:35:41

here, I meant here blush

Slouchy Thu 25-Sep-08 21:50:59

The supermarkets,M&S all do plain yoga pants. You need these, not trackies cos they are stretchy and soft. Then you want a longline tshirt (so it doesn't ride up) - doesn't have to be a sports one, but needs to be roomy for movement. You do want a proper sports bra. And lots of layers - e.g.bra, vest top, hoodie/long sleeve top so you can strip down as you warm up but layer back up for relaxation at the end.

Jewelsandgems Fri 26-Sep-08 07:24:05

I wear a litle outfit from pineapple:




But the good thing is the tops of the bottoms come up at each side to hide any miffin situation, and the top has a syperfirm band at the bottom so never any ride-up. My top is slightly different though to the one of the link because it has inbuilt bra too.

When I first started pilates I wore loose stuff because I had lots of baby weight. But, once I slimmed down and toned up I found the fitted stuff looked much better (and kept me motivated) and I could see the improvement more easily. I do wear a velour hoody to the class too, and this was just from M&S, it is a smoky blue colour.

Oumasrusks Fri 26-Sep-08 07:31:10

I started pilates recently and bought my bottoms and t-shirt from M & S and they are perfect. Enjoy the class! I am loving it.

sammysam Fri 26-Sep-08 12:56:24

Thank you so much everyone!! I'm excited and quite scared as I've not done 'propper' exercise for a long long time blush
I know i'm going to suffer! I'm off to look at the layers it is then! I didn't realise i'd need a sports bra-had better look into that smile

Jewelsandgems Fri 26-Sep-08 16:03:19

You will love it! I really look forward to my class and at the end feel invigorated and like I am a foot taller!

fullmoonfiend Fri 26-Sep-08 16:05:58

I got all excited ther for a moment. Misread title as pirate clothes. Arrr!

twoluvlykids Fri 26-Sep-08 16:08:07

i personally avoid wearing tops with hoods / collars, as they tend to get in the way of my neck. soft,comfy stuff, but it's not a competition, the class i go to, we spend most of the time on the floor on backs or fronts. spend more on a decent mat and a cushion or foam block for your head.

sammysam Fri 26-Sep-08 22:15:28

grin grin grin at the pirates!!!! Arrrr!
I'm getting very excited now! Will get to the shops tomorrow or sun and hopefully i'llfind something! Good tip about the hoods/collars!

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