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Red coat suggestions

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mermaidgirl Thu 25-Sep-08 14:00:11

Help - I am looking for a nice and stylish red coat. I have a budget of £100. Just bored of my beige and black coats and want something to brighten up my mood! Any suggestions?

Aefondkiss Thu 25-Sep-08 14:02:59

this ?

tonton Thu 25-Sep-08 14:08:52

Aefondkiss link just goes to Oli home page. i think you might have to give name/price of coat?
I like Oli though. Haven't bought anything from there yet.

Aefondkiss Thu 25-Sep-08 15:58:58

sorry tonton, there was a red coat for £70(I can't remember the name) , I also liked the full circle one but it was more like £150.

Aefondkiss Thu 25-Sep-08 16:08:05

too casual? 64% wool and only £28 so a bargain imho

IllegallyBrunette Thu 25-Sep-08 16:10:28

I am thinking of getting this one but not sure as I normally wear black or brown.

Pushpinia Thu 25-Sep-08 16:11:39

I have a nice one from Additions. It was £59 and has a sort of rolled over collar thing. Very comfy and warm. smile

Pushpinia Thu 25-Sep-08 16:13:31

here you go

Aefondkiss Thu 25-Sep-08 16:13:35


Aefondkiss Thu 25-Sep-08 16:15:39

£80 and better than the wallis one imo

Aefondkiss Thu 25-Sep-08 16:22:23

not red but I like it but it is double breasted so no good for busty moi

mermaidgirl Wed 01-Oct-08 10:23:00

Thank you everyone - they are all great!

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