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Anyone know if I can get some free make up advice?

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mamachat Wed 24-Sep-08 18:46:11

I would like to know if anywhere does a type of consultation where they will help pick the best type of foundation etc for your skin. Then show you how to apply it?

But not somewhere really expensive as do not want to spend a fortune on make up...

At the moment I only wear bronzer and mascra, but my skin looks spotty and bad so have finally admitted to myself that I may need some more help...

moondog Wed 24-Sep-08 18:48:11

Any counter will do it for yuo.

moondog Wed 24-Sep-08 18:48:16

Any counter will do it for yuo.

mamachat Wed 24-Sep-08 19:03:13

what like in a department store??

Furball Wed 24-Sep-08 19:13:49

yes or The Bodyshop and also Boots No 7 I find a good mid range.

mamachat Thu 25-Sep-08 09:03:44

so would the products in the body shop be better for your skin? I really know nothing about make up and alwys think it will clog up your skin and make it worse.....

pagwatch Thu 25-Sep-08 09:09:24

Boots No 7 are pretty good ( my skin reacts to a lot but not those) and are good value

Clinique and Estee Lauder are good too. If you humm and haaa a lot they will often give you samples of things to take away.

If you are not on a budget go to SpaceNK because their products are really good and the staff will work with any products they sell rather than only choosing from one brands IYSWIM.
I went in a chose to buy a chantecaille foundation which is great with my difficult skin, some laura mercier eye shadow and blush and a lippy from someone else.
But they ARE pricey. V pricey

nailpolish Thu 25-Sep-08 09:20:30

you should focus more on facewash, moisturiser etc rather than make up if your skin is spotty

id lay off foundation until it clears

as for bronzer - do you wash your brushes? just some shampoo and warm water to clean them every couple of weeks. the brush could have a ton of germs in it that are giving you spots

id recommend clarins for facewash and moisturiser

mamachat Thu 25-Sep-08 09:28:08

I am on a budget so think I wilol stay away from the expensive ones...

I use dermoligica face products, and with my brushes I did not know I could wash them so instead I buy anew one every couple of months...

But I will start washing them which will save money... smile

overthemill Thu 25-Sep-08 10:01:04

clarins is go dand i am not allergic to it (am usually to lots of stuff). clinique stuff imo isn't very good

try the simple range - pure and inexpensive, easy to keep up the habit!

make up - tescos stuff is by barbara daley (allegedly) - i 'd advise a visit to a store, get their advice and buy a good foundation and then go somewhere like a supermarket/superdrug for colours and see what you like. that way it's cheaper.

when i sold lancome for a living, i would not sell most of our makeup to younger people, told them to try boots 17!!

overthemill Thu 25-Sep-08 10:01:19

is good and !!

watsthestory Thu 25-Sep-08 10:04:46

Message withdrawn

watsthestory Thu 25-Sep-08 10:09:28

Message withdrawn

overthemill Thu 25-Sep-08 10:12:53

so, watsthestory, why dont you set it up then? we'd come!!

watsthestory Thu 25-Sep-08 10:24:47

Message withdrawn

overthemill Sat 27-Sep-08 09:58:42

tell you what i think would be a good idea - make up parties for teens - but with a spin on'makeover' so they learn techniques too and good skincare not how to look like a clown!

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