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Am I mad to think this could exist? A stylish bag for work which can take 3-4 A4 binders and can be slung across my back so I can ride my bike?

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bloss Wed 24-Sep-08 13:26:15

Message withdrawn

kdk Wed 24-Sep-08 13:47:22

I know these are billed as men's bags but at least they are big enough to carry A4 files around and most have a cross-body strap!

Most bags aimed at women are either too small or cost the earth - or both!

Kammy Wed 24-Sep-08 15:27:46

What about those 1960's stlye flight bags - I've got a Dunlop one which I wear cross body on my bike and it takes files.
Can't find a link though - got mine in one of those sort of trendy novelty shops in Brighton. Cheap too!

TheBlonde Wed 24-Sep-08 15:32:08

have you looked ?

Kammy Wed 24-Sep-08 16:08:27 have some

Ebberley Wed 24-Sep-08 16:31:29

Dell have some on their website. Maybe a bit studenty....

bettybeetroot Wed 24-Sep-08 16:31:53

this? or this?

Megglevache Wed 24-Sep-08 16:33:08

Mulberry Somerset.

It's very nice.

OneLieIn Wed 24-Sep-08 16:35:41

Wow betty, those are lovely!

FabioVicePeeperPlopper Wed 24-Sep-08 16:36:40

get a sidecar

overthemill Wed 24-Sep-08 16:45:34

this is exactly what i wanted to know to get all my gear into work on the train (new job) and betty your link was great found this

bettybeetroot Wed 24-Sep-08 16:51:51

yes that leather one is lovely too. i think i like of their bags (i have my eye on the leather shopper!)

bloss Thu 25-Sep-08 19:28:51

Message withdrawn

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