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Great Maternity Jeans, do they exist?

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Bluebutterfly Wed 24-Sep-08 13:08:18

Has anyone found some that fulfil the following criteria?

Last from early to late pgy
Stylish (well as far as any maternity wear can be)
Long (have long legs
Not too expensive (less that £50)

I am in v. early (5 wks)pgy with #2 (hated and got rid of shockingly uncomfortable maternity jeans from first time round). I live in jeans normally (running around after ds (3.8)) and would love a really great pair for pgy. I am ok in my regular jeans for now but expect that a month from now I might need something roomier but don't want to purchase a pair I can only wear for 2 months before I need maternity ones anyway. I am 5'9 and currently size 12 (but think I will probably be better in a size 14, from a month or so from now until the end of pgy, if last time is anything to go by.
Tbh would spend more that £50 if a pair met ALL of my very stringent criteria. MN Style gurus, help me out please! grin

jojosmaman Wed 24-Sep-08 13:18:35

I'm not sure if they still do them but I bought some great jeans from Top Shop maternity at 16wks which lasted me until almost the end and they are "under bump" jeans so can be worn after baby is born. Also got some fab knee length maternity shorts from there too which saw me through the xmas festivities (and I have actually worn them since and ds is 19months blush!)

Not the same but similar

LetThemEatCake Wed 24-Sep-08 13:24:24

the topshop ones are bloody brilliant

I too have long legs, they are stylish, and they lasted me all through preg and beyond. Packed away under the bed now for next time.

£40 I think

moto? brand name I think

also - the stretchy bit is concealed in pockets, no annoying waistband or whatever

LetThemEatCake Wed 24-Sep-08 13:24:47

congrats on pg by the way!

Bluebutterfly Wed 24-Sep-08 13:25:55

Yes they look good - last time I was pg my tummy was enormous (I mean giving birth to a gigantic hot air balloon enormous) and jeans "cut" into my belly. (I am short waisted and long legged, so my bump was like everest - it just stuck out a mile. Did you find that these cut into your skin at all (comfort is my top priority by the end,as I am sure you understand!)

Bluebutterfly Wed 24-Sep-08 13:26:49

Thanks LTEC! I am very excited! It took us a long time to get pg this time and I am still in shock!

jojosmaman Wed 24-Sep-08 16:46:56

I didnt find they cut in at all, they sit below the bump and have adjusters on the inside as well as discreet stretch jersey panels in the pockets as LTEC mentioned.

Well done on getting pregnant!!

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