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i am re vamping my wardrobe ...HELP

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mamazee Sun 21-Sep-08 21:11:36


I am so so bored of all my clothes
a mixture of being a mum and being very squint means that i have quite a few clothes but seem to wear about 10 things.

i have sorted out 2 huge bags full of clothes and was going to take them to a charity shop but would really like to see if i can sell them first as i need the cash to replace them. I had a couple of ideas

- ebay...have been warned that clothes are really not worth it but what about if i sell them as a job lot...collection only.

- do a house sale as we are moving in a month and i have lots of baby stuff and a buggy etc to sell too.

- do some kind of clothes swap there a website that anyone knows of maybe ?

they are a mix of vintage, cheapo primark, new look etc and then gap, french connection, topshop etc.

aaahhh i don't know what to do...really need to change my clothes but have no money

any creative ideas gratefully received

kt14 Sun 21-Sep-08 21:14:19

Maybe worth selling the pricier labels on ebay, French connection, gap, topshop etc. i wouldn't bother with the cheaper bits, ebay fees will eat up your profits.

I sold a load of vintage stuff on there for my sil and she did really well from it, lots of people search for vintage clothes so you might be lucky.

geordieminx Sun 21-Sep-08 21:21:30

You could always try and sell on here?

I have bought a few bit from ebay this week - mainly skirts. Most were 99p plus postage, few named things that I was bidding on went for £10-£15. A pair of boots I like that are £30 new sold for £22 tonight hmm

Try having a look on ebay to buy stuff, and agree list the decent stuff - particulary if its in season.

Could you do a car boot sale?

Gumtree is good for listing stuff for local folk to come and pick it up

mamazee Sun 21-Sep-08 21:24:59

great ideas..thanks.
car boot are a bit of a no no with ds.
nearest gumtree is quite a way away but could give it a go...mmmmm grin

Megglevache Sun 21-Sep-08 21:26:28

Do the boot sale with ds and a friend?

mamazee Sun 21-Sep-08 21:37:32

could do do people make alot of money at car boots then ?

Megglevache Sun 21-Sep-08 21:46:47

My sister and friend make a tonne. Childrens toys/clothes go really well.

MrsMattie Sun 21-Sep-08 21:48:23

Car Boot! I raised about £100 from selling a couple of binbags full of my (shite) clothes and shoes. Add to that DH's old clothes, a few bits of crappy old electrical stuff and some CDs and we made £300 +

mamazee Sun 21-Sep-08 22:32:35

bloody hell mrsmattie do you live in a posh place though..i could prob sell for loads in london but sleepy (lovely) somerset ??

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