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What do you do with your DC's old clothes ...

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Millie1 Sat 20-Sep-08 20:23:45

by 'old' I mean outgrown? I've bags of stuff for the boys from babyhood til age 5. Am planning to bag it all up for charity (keeping a few 'special' things) - there's a mix of Next, George, Timberland, Gap, Pumpkin Patch, Miniman ... you name it. Is that the best thing to do? BTW, socks and pants for charity (clean grin) - yes or no? TIA

missbumpy Sat 20-Sep-08 20:36:29

I give some to charity shops, some I give away on freecycle, some I give to mates with kids, and a few really expensive pieces get sold on ebay. I've kept some of the really lovely things that DD's worn a lot and looked especially cute in but I'm not sure what I'm keeping them for as I'm not really planning to have any more...maybe in case she wants to give them to her own kids one day!

CuppaTeaJanice Sat 20-Sep-08 20:38:07

NCT sale?

Flutterbye Sat 20-Sep-08 20:39:40

I hand it all down to friends who have kids a bit younger, even pants and socks (esp when they're potty training), also even the slightly scruffy clothes are good for nursery/camping when they're going to get even more grubby. I started ebaying it but now can't be bothered, especially as most of my stuff was handed down so it's now probably being worn by it's 4th kid.

littlelamb Sat 20-Sep-08 20:39:50

NCT sale. Its that time of year now and you might still be in time to register for your local one. It means that you get a cut of the profits but are still giving to the NCT too. socks and pants- no. But apparently charity shops sell unsellable (iykwim) stuff for rags so maybe they would be grateful?

forkhandles Sat 20-Sep-08 20:42:09

I give it to my sister or friends and they can give on what they don't want to charity.

Califrau Sat 20-Sep-08 20:48:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shhhh Sat 20-Sep-08 21:24:56

Stuff I want for memories or for possible other babies then I keep, other stuff I ty and sell if in a good/excellant condition..

if not in sellable condition or if won't sell then I either pass onto friends or send onto charity OR recently I have been sending items into dd's preschool..(only just started wasn't aware of need before.)
BTW, I also sent into preschool a few months ago all of dd's old knickers. Most only worn once or not at all...They were so grateful...

TooTicky Sat 20-Sep-08 21:27:59

Pass on to friends or charity shop. Not all charity shops sell underwear - not sure if this is policy or just because people don't tend to give it away.

Millie1 Sat 20-Sep-08 22:07:38

Hadn't thought about NCT sales - thanks! At moment plan is to give it to nursery - some scheme whereby it gets collected by charity and they get money by weight of stuff collected - so the nursery benefit as well as the charity. Breaks my heart to sort all those things out - the memories smile - but can't hold onto them forever and fast running out of hotpress space!

KatieDD Sat 20-Sep-08 22:35:44

Pants and vests and socks I've started giving to the local preschools, holiday clubs etc because kids always seem to have accidents.

frankbestfriend Sat 20-Sep-08 22:43:27

Our school PTA takes part in a scheme called bags2school, parents donate old clothes, they are weighed, and the PTA earns money proportionate to the amount of clothes collected.
All our old clothes are donated to the school.

blithedance Sat 20-Sep-08 23:56:37

Charity shop, freecycle, friends (although most have older kids/have plenty of own leftovers).

Have tried ebay, but too much hassle for the money unless a very good branded item or expensive garment (like good coats, grobags etc). Round here clothes don't usually go for more than pennies at NCT sales. I'd ebay your P-Patch, Gap and Timberland bits if in good condition.

I just look on it as a donation to charity, it either gets sold for a good cause or sent abroad where the need is greater.

PInkyminkyohnooo Sun 21-Sep-08 00:18:12

Some friends and I tend to swap them around our various children. DH takes them to work for the young mums group at his youth centre. Some stuff is at least third hand and goes in the recycling.

GiraffeAHolic Sun 21-Sep-08 18:06:20

I was manager of a charity shop and it was company policy to not sell underwear (except bras hmm) HTH

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