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janeite Sat 20-Sep-08 19:41:05

I have a hankering for a night dress that looks like a man's shirt. Gap had a lovely one - blue and white candy stripes - but it was a tiny bit short. Any ideas please? I want it to be button down, cotton and somewhere between mid-thigh and just above the knee length.

janeite Sat 20-Sep-08 20:56:46


traceybath Sat 20-Sep-08 21:00:22


janeite Sat 20-Sep-08 21:03:20

Ooh - that is lovely. Never heard of that site; have you used it before?

JackieNo Sat 20-Sep-08 21:04:13

Asos (probably a bit short though).

traceybath Sat 20-Sep-08 21:05:56

yes - i've got some camisoles from bodas - the shadow stripe in white and blue and the pampellone one (think thats the spotty one).

i got them in their sale and they were £12.50 each. Lovely quality and very good service.

think they autumn/winter stock should be on the site soon.

JackieNo Sat 20-Sep-08 21:06:58

lol - with hat to matchgrin

geminigirl Sat 20-Sep-08 21:08:28

Try Don't forget the nightcap and candle!!

JackieNo Sat 20-Sep-08 21:08:47


janeite Sat 20-Sep-08 21:08:58

Lol Jackie - are you having fun?!

The ASOS one is nice; the Bonsoir stuff looks way too pricey for me.

Am tempted by the Bodas one but would prefer to be able to get one in town, rather than order online.

geminigirl Sat 20-Sep-08 21:09:29

Hee hee Jackieno! I see we have wonderful taste! grin

bythepowerofgreyskull Sat 20-Sep-08 21:11:25

Thanks so much for asking this question!
I have been trying to find a soft cotton night shirt to wear when my eczema is bad but have not had any luck.. have just ordered 3 from the bonsoir link smile

Yorkiegirl Sat 20-Sep-08 21:13:57

Message withdrawn

janeite Sun 21-Sep-08 20:06:08

Thanks again everyone - think I will try the Gap one again as I still have the 30% off voucher.

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