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OK, for a short time only, for honest comments, I have put pics of me in my bikini on my profile..

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Szyslak Thu 18-Sep-08 12:05:15

I haven't worn a bikini for a good few years. this morning I have my old one out and cannot decide if I can really get away with it still.

I know I am not particuarly fat, but I think there comes a cut off point for bikinis and am unsure if I have passed it.

Please note I have neither dehaired nor fake tanned so that would help <hopeful>

Be very honest with ne ladies, in agentle way, I need it, DH will just say I look great.

I have nice one pieces should I stick wit those?

CountessDracula Thu 18-Sep-08 12:06:55

yes you can
You look fine!

Flossish Thu 18-Sep-08 12:07:51

go for it!

cocolepew Thu 18-Sep-08 12:08:06

You look great envy

FioFio Thu 18-Sep-08 12:08:22

Message withdrawn

nickytwotimes Thu 18-Sep-08 12:08:40

You do look absolutely grand.

OrmIrian Thu 18-Sep-08 12:08:52

Fine. Not past that point.

BTW I tend to disregard my DH's opinion too hmm

moonmother Thu 18-Sep-08 12:08:56

God If I had your figure I'd probably wear a bikini all the timegrin

You look great, I can just about get away with a tankini, if I'm lucky.

themoon66 Thu 18-Sep-08 12:09:02

god you look amazing and teenager like.

I look a lot worse than you and wore a bikini this year.

StellaDallas Thu 18-Sep-08 12:09:05

You look great. I wore a bikini on holiday this summer after much encouragement on here and I am considerably bigger than you.

gingerninja Thu 18-Sep-08 12:09:35

Tis fine, if you're worried about the being too old for a bikini there are more modern type versions that might afford you the confidence ie tankini. But your bod looks fine / nay good in it.

BecauseImWorthIt Thu 18-Sep-08 12:09:55

If I looked like that I'd be in a bikini like a shot.

Well, not at work, obviously.

witchandchips Thu 18-Sep-08 12:10:03

you are a long way from the cut off point my dear with your slim torso, nice norks + great legs

Aitch Thu 18-Sep-08 12:10:07


HorseStories Thu 18-Sep-08 12:10:10

It looks perfectly fine to me.

WhereTheWildThingsWere Thu 18-Sep-08 12:10:25

envy I would do the school run in a bikini, it i liiked like you, my two piece days are soooooooooooo over.

Only tiny point, is the top too small, or is it just the photo?

Fab anyway.

<<wanders off sadly, to a land of control swimwear>>

heavy Thu 18-Sep-08 12:10:40

I think you have nothing to fear. However I know what you mean about there being a cut off point. I would wear one pieces for swimming at the baths in this country and bikinis for sunbathing abroad.
Helen Mirren is getting away with it so why shouldn't the rest of us?

Szyslak Thu 18-Sep-08 12:10:49

I should also add that awkward poses are due to self portrait on camera not working so having to jump rapidly away from camera to try to get a shot.

I have some very amusing ones which did not work and in which I definitely don't look good.

I must delete all these before Dh gets home so Ican maintain my pretence of workng at homegrin.

suzywong Thu 18-Sep-08 12:13:18

you look fine, more than fine
unless you have a head like this

largeginandtonic Thu 18-Sep-08 12:13:19

Wear it, you look great. Get a nice bright coloured one though.


Brangelina Thu 18-Sep-08 12:13:23

I'm 42 and I still wear bikinis, I don't think there's a cut off point at all. Go to any Italian beach and you see grandmothers in bikinis and most of them are quite plump too.

You look great, wear your 2 piece with confidencesmile.

lilolilmanchester Thu 18-Sep-08 12:14:19


Szyslak Thu 18-Sep-08 12:15:08

Fio my whole body is gorillseque at the moment I am cultivating for my pre holiday wax.

Thank you ladies, you have convinced me and I will, nervously and tentatievly, don my bikini in a couple of weeks.

I will remove the photos now and delete all eveidence of my insecure narcissismgrin

Aitch Thu 18-Sep-08 12:16:51

you have no need to be nervous. wear it with pride. MN has spoken.

shortcircuit Thu 18-Sep-08 12:20:27

Ahh ! just missed your pics - if they are good though, you should leave them on !

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