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Ruffle silk Henley

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FluffyMummy123 Wed 17-Sep-08 11:50:58

Message withdrawn

MamaG Wed 17-Sep-08 11:51:52

fgs just link.

Clockface Wed 17-Sep-08 11:51:57

THE CODE? What code? Have I missed a trick?

FluffyMummy123 Wed 17-Sep-08 11:52:38

Message withdrawn

MadreInglese Wed 17-Sep-08 11:54:01

"captivating ruffles" ?


It doesn't look very shaped IYKWIM

hoxtonchick Wed 17-Sep-08 11:54:41

not fantastic for big norks imo - that ruffle.... nice purple though.

FluffyMummy123 Wed 17-Sep-08 11:55:08

Message withdrawn

MamaG Wed 17-Sep-08 11:55:20

Oh I like that, but it wouldn't suit me as too norky. But I don' tthink you have to be small-boobed to get away with it, just not dolly-esque like me

LOVE the colour, but I do love a bit of purple

EddieStobart Wed 17-Sep-08 11:55:30

ooh when did they start showing customer reviews? shock

MadreInglese Wed 17-Sep-08 11:56:09

colour is nice, but it would hang oddly on any larger than a B cup imo

EddieStobart Wed 17-Sep-08 11:56:37

lol at "In my opinion the buttons spoil this item, I,ve changed mine already for magenta shell"

by penny, aged 65 and over

bless er

FluffyMummy123 Wed 17-Sep-08 11:58:03

Message withdrawn

smurfgirl Wed 17-Sep-08 11:58:27

Its ok, I think you would get something similar but nicer in Zara or Mango.

MadreInglese Wed 17-Sep-08 11:59:00


those women need some hobbies

FluffyMummy123 Wed 17-Sep-08 11:59:26

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula Wed 17-Sep-08 11:59:56

It would be fine if you were a clown

FluffyMummy123 Wed 17-Sep-08 12:00:26

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Wed 17-Sep-08 12:03:05

Message withdrawn

MamaG Wed 17-Sep-08 12:03:38

I think I'll add a review

FluffyMummy123 Wed 17-Sep-08 12:05:34

Message withdrawn

MamaG Wed 17-Sep-08 12:06:11

just wrote a lovely review and it will take 2 weeks to be on site


EddieStobart Wed 17-Sep-08 12:07:00

"I do the school pickup every day, and I am a bright light in a sea of black"

EddieStobart Wed 17-Sep-08 12:07:58

"I ordered the gorgeous vibrant red and it might stop traffic!"


FluffyMummy123 Wed 17-Sep-08 12:08:45

Message withdrawn

EddieStobart Wed 17-Sep-08 12:10:05

"Have just got it in jolly green"


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