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What should I ask to be brought back from the States for me????

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Luxmum Mon 15-Sep-08 13:21:23

So, Mums going to South Carolina, ie not on a specific NY shopping trip, and asked me what I wanted...??? What do I want? What is cheaper there, or is not available here? Am a normal pear shaped mum with no major budget to blow, I dont need electrical goods or Rock the Republic jeans for $350... what should I ask her to bring back then?

compo Mon 15-Sep-08 13:22:24

David Beckham wink

sorry couldn't resist, hopefully someone more sensible will be along soon...

PuppyMonkey Mon 15-Sep-08 13:22:27

Johnny Depp would be nice.

Oh no, he's in France now or something isn't he?

Luxmum Mon 15-Sep-08 13:42:55

hmm, wishing would be nice, tho Mr Depp does indeed reside in France with his stick-thin wife and sprogs. Brad Pitt'd be welcomed tho I think Mum may not be able to fit him in the luggage allowance.

kdk Mon 15-Sep-08 15:24:33

anyway, think he is another one currently resident in France ...

To get back to your post, would have said Gap/Banana Republic/Gymboree stuff for kids but not sure it is worth it anymore with dollar/£ exchange rate - if it is there are some gorgeous boots on another thread which were about $300 or something

LetThemEatCake Mon 15-Sep-08 15:28:27

where in SC is she going? Charleston?

brimfull Mon 15-Sep-08 17:59:40

a decent raincoat???

have a look on some department store websites.

hifi Mon 15-Sep-08 18:28:42

aveda products
anything that is american branded
opi nailvarnish

MissusAD Mon 15-Sep-08 18:49:15

peppermint patties, a bag of mini patties (chocolate covered peppermints). available at most large drug stores (like Duane Reed in NYC). But maybe this is just me.

Luxmum Tue 16-Sep-08 08:13:35

Yes, to Charleston. I will ask for the peppermints as I love peppermints, so no clothes for me then?? sigh.

Badpups Tue 16-Sep-08 10:57:27

Gap (has advantage you can check sizing and some styles in UK shops)
Banana Republic
The Children's Place
Osh Kosh

CostaRicanCod Tue 16-Sep-08 10:57:53

a big hard cock.

Gobbledigook Tue 16-Sep-08 10:58:15


Gobbledigook Tue 16-Sep-08 10:59:36

My MIL is looking for Timberland boots and jeans - I told her not to bother but she was insistent! I don't know what I'll end up with!

Clothes are the main thing I'd say so it's difficult if you can't try them on!

CountessDracula Tue 16-Sep-08 11:01:37

Why would you bring back Advil?
Is it not just ibuprofen? That you can buy for 30p for 12 in superdrug?

I never understand why anyone buys these non-generic brands of common drugs. £2.50 for 12 Nurofen ffs - total rip-off

Gobbledigook Tue 16-Sep-08 11:02:58

Who said bring back Advil?! ha ha!

Gobbledigook Tue 16-Sep-08 11:03:26

hifi - why Advil?! As CD says - you can ibufproen here!

serenity Tue 16-Sep-08 11:05:45

BIL always brings me back a carrier bag of chocolate-with-peanut-butter (white chocolate reeces, hmmm) and Converse trainers ($40 there, £40 here). If he was a girl or actually good with clothes, I'd try and get him to go to the Childrens Place (I think that's what it's called) and buy the DCs loads of basics (jeans etc)

Anna8888 Tue 16-Sep-08 11:08:31

Clothes from Abercrombie & Fitch.

Kitchen equipment from Williams-Sonoma - my DP just brought me a set of American cup measures in the shape of mini All-Clad saucepans.

CountessDracula Tue 16-Sep-08 11:10:50

Oh god I HATE abercrombie and fitch
Deafaning racket in shops
Horrid weasly little sales assistants
Nasty clothes

CountessDracula Tue 16-Sep-08 11:11:10

Now All Clad I ADORE

Anna8888 Tue 16-Sep-08 11:12:42

My stepsons go mad for Abercrombie stuff...

CountessDracula Tue 16-Sep-08 11:13:13


expatinscotland Tue 16-Sep-08 11:13:16

Benefit, Stila and LORAC makeup
Pot holders and tea towels from Williams-Sonoma
Crane stationary
Clothes or bed linens from Eddie Bauer
decent cake and baking mixes
LARGE bottles of ibuprofen and Tylenol
Neosporin gel
an olive dish
sweatsuits if you live in a cold climate - only Fruit of the Loom ones, though

And yes, Johnny Depp has been in France for years now. He lives with Vanessa Paradis and speaks good French and smokes Gitanes.

CostaRicanCod Tue 16-Sep-08 11:13:45

ye sand a mate fo rmine
its just t shirts innit

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