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What makes a good hair straigtener? is it the temperature?

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lisasimpson Sun 14-Sep-08 19:59:15

As long as you get one that goes up to 230 degrees isn't that comparable quality to ghds? or is there more to it?

lisasimpson Sun 14-Sep-08 20:34:50


KristinaM Sun 14-Sep-08 21:40:52

i would like to knwo the answer to this too please

Rubyrubyruby Sun 14-Sep-08 21:41:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TequilaMockinBird Sun 14-Sep-08 21:42:50

I have some new Remington ones which heat up to 230 degrees and cost me £25 in Boots!

I think they are as good as ghds but my BF disagrees hmm

TequilaMockinBird Sun 14-Sep-08 21:43:19

thats best friend by the way not boyfriend or breastfeeding grin

bellavita Sun 14-Sep-08 21:43:43

Having quizzed my hairdresser about GHD's as I was interested in buying some, she said a temperature above 200 degrees was way too hot for anyones hair.

lisasimpson Mon 15-Sep-08 10:26:30

I thought most hairdressers used and recommended ghds?

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