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Is it FlightAttendant who is awaitng delivery of the Holy Grail of rainwear from Sweden or somewhere?

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spudballoo Sun 14-Sep-08 14:32:02

I (a) can't remember who it is, we're awaiting and style and size report and (b) I now can't remember the name of the designer although it began with G.

Please help me give up my vile pink Boden disaster!

JackieNo Sun 14-Sep-08 16:11:42

Was it Gudrun Sjoden? I think it might have been.

spudballoo Tue 16-Sep-08 13:27:47

Yes it was! Thank where's FA gone with her report...drums fingers impatiently...

Lastyearsmodel Tue 16-Sep-08 20:02:08

I'd love an update too! Want to know about colours...

weblette Tue 16-Sep-08 20:37:25

Wish I hadn't clicked on this thread... am now salivating over the website

thisisyesterday Tue 16-Sep-08 20:42:22

yes it was the one jackienoi linked too.

I went for the cloud spotter in the end from boden and really like iot

Lastyearsmodel Tue 16-Sep-08 20:43:39

And someone on another GS thread mentioned Toast and I've just spent an imaginary £1000 on their site. Plus however much it would take to make me willowy enough to carry it all off.

spudballoo Tue 16-Sep-08 20:46:11

Oh yes Toast, I'd need another 4 inches or so in height to wear that stuff. Love the catalogue, I want to LIVE in it.

Lastyearsmodel Tue 16-Sep-08 21:14:43

Just ordered the catalogue. Online is OK but nothing like a bit of print to drool over in daylight. Have had a lovely half hour imagining having baps small enough not to trouble the drape of a chemise paysanne. Or justifying £200 on a dressing gown to float around in that won't get little peanut buttery handmarks all down it. Ahhhhh....

Lastyearsmodel Thu 18-Sep-08 19:31:29

Any news on the Gudrun Sjoden raincoat?

spudballoo Sun 21-Sep-08 16:02:30

Where is she?!

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