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Has anybody had their eye lashs dyed?

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Niecie Fri 12-Sep-08 16:28:33

Can you tell?

Do you still need mascara?

I have a voucher for a beauty treatment and I have booked to have mine dyed but don't really know what I am getting!


feedmenow Fri 12-Sep-08 16:33:30

I've had it done. Didn't still need mascara. Really liked fact, don't know why I don't get it done more often!

MarlaSinger Fri 12-Sep-08 16:33:36

I did earlier this year - it looked great at first but faded really quickly too. It wasn't terribly dramatic but I think it could've been more so - we had a brief conversation about wanting to look natural so maybe they can leave it longer/use stronger dye? This was post-baby so all a bit of a haze.

Would I do it again? Maybe as a treat but not regularly. I'd rather have my eyebrows done properly I think.

I should go again. Am back to work, could do with a boost.


drinkmoretea Fri 12-Sep-08 16:35:24

i have mine done and love it! you do not need to wear mascara but i quite often do

and i have mine dyed blue/black which is really nice if you have blue eyes..

also be prepared for it to sting a little...

good luck x

Niecie Fri 12-Sep-08 16:36:39

I'm having my eyebrows done too and I haven't had that done professionally before either.

I am a bit worried that they will take too much off.

How long did the tint last then?

Do they usually use black or a dark brown?

I should have asked at the salon instead of plunging in with the booking really.

TheNaughtiestGirlIsaMonitor Fri 12-Sep-08 16:37:13

You still need mascara to feel made up, and it does fade gradually, so at the start you can get away without it, and before your eyelashes revert back to invisibility you can either get away with it, or put on a bit of mascara.

I'd do it again. What am I talking about? I wouldn't go back to not doing it!!

I think it makes me look about twice as good. Or half as bad grin

It's very quick. Get it done at the same time as you get your legs waxed for example and then it's not any extra trouble.

Niecie Fri 12-Sep-08 16:40:08

Blue/black sounds nice. I quite often wear dark blue mascara as it isn't so harsh (I am quite pale skinned)

I am a bit worried, having both the lashes and the eyebrows done at the same time, that I will come out of the salon with a slightly startled look.

I keep thinking of Fiona Bruce's eyebrows!

BecauseImWorthIt Fri 12-Sep-08 16:43:47

It's fab. I hate wearing make up, but have got very long eyelashes, so it makes me look made up IYSWIM - all I have to do is curl my lashes each day, and job done! (Might occasionally slap a bit of lippie on)

traceybath Fri 12-Sep-08 17:21:15

i have that and eyebrows shaped once a month - also have blue black.

I do still wear mascara but only on top lashes.

My beautician never stings - only stings in my experience when the person doing it isn't very careful.

hifi Fri 12-Sep-08 17:46:27

i have had them done , blue/black but only lasted about 4 days. if you are swimming i think it lessens the life iyswim.still need mascara for lengthening.

ajm200 Fri 12-Sep-08 17:48:49

Had mine done regularly until I got pregnant with DS. Loved it and it never hurt

Word Fri 12-Sep-08 17:57:01

Have it done for hols - don't wear mascara during the day (but would for special nights).

Do you know you'll need a patch test 24 hours before they do it?

ajm200 Fri 12-Sep-08 18:07:42

You do.

Word Fri 12-Sep-08 18:54:38

AJM- there was no "if" in there - I was asking Niecie! But thanks anyway.

Or maybe you're just confirming it......


Furball Fri 12-Sep-08 19:30:24

I have mine done every 6 weeks and have done for the last 22 years. I used to do my own with a brand called dylash but now go and pay a tenner.

ajm200 Fri 12-Sep-08 22:56:53

Word Sorry, have serious pregnancy brain today that seems to be impairing both my reading and writing ability - doh blush

dizzydixies Fri 12-Sep-08 22:58:03

I get blue/black done as its the darkest
brilliant as am hopeless at wearing mascara
you can always put clear stuff on top as well

Tiramissu Fri 12-Sep-08 23:02:33

Oh thank you OP.
I wanted to start a thread asking the same question. Now i ve got the answers lol.
Did any of you had permanent false eyelashes?

dizzydixies Fri 12-Sep-08 23:04:41

not for me, just get mine dyed on occassion as am to lazy for make up blush

Niecie Fri 12-Sep-08 23:56:57

Word - sorry had to go out and only just noticed about the patch test.

Yes, thank you, I did know because they did one yesterday when I made the appointment.

Thankfully no reaction.

Am a bit worried about it washing out after 4 days but I don't like swimming so that shouldn't be a problem. I am a bit more encouraged that it might only need to be done every 6 weeks.

Tiramissu - I didn't even know that you could get permanent false lashes!

How do they do those then? Or was that what you wanted to know too?

Thanks to everybody for the replies. I am looking forward to my bit of pampering now!

Tiramissu Sat 13-Sep-08 13:44:15

Hi Niecie,
no i havnt done it. But i would like to know about it because i hate my eyelashes. i was hoping that someone here have tried it and will tell us about it

Anna8888 Sat 13-Sep-08 13:49:17

I do it to myself. Great - I look much more wide awake.

Yes, mascara on top is a good idea.

Niecie Sat 13-Sep-08 15:40:07

Can you buy a kit then Anna, or are you just adept with the creative use of hair dye?wink

Seriously, is that a French kit or something we could get in the UK, do you think?

When I know what's what in the world of eyelash dying I might be tempted to do it myself.

Furball Sat 13-Sep-08 16:35:51

you can buy it here

mrswoolf Sat 13-Sep-08 21:36:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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