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Hair cut tomorrow. Want a restyle. Come and have your say. Please and thank you.

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eekamoose Thu 11-Sep-08 21:15:36

Atm have long straight hair, very fine but luckily quite a lot of it. Have a long fringe. fringe. Am not changing the fringe bit as have a high forehead and a weird cowlick and a big grey streak in the cowlick that really shows when hair off face.

Have a longish face, but also round. My hair has absolutely no waves or body in it at all.

Is it very naff to have Lorraine Kelly cut? Ie fringe, longish, but very layered. Am about the same age as her (well, I'm nearly 46).

Or what else could I have?


Furball Fri 12-Sep-08 07:51:45

shock - I've just been to and put in lorraine kelly and pressed images and OMG, one of the images there has a very shows a very unkempt hairstyle!! shockshock

sorry, so don't know what lorraines hair (on her head anyway!grin) is like.

is this style the sort of thing?

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