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Help! Help! Help! - don't know where to start

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Vonster1 Thu 11-Sep-08 19:44:17

Just turned 40 -have never quite discovered what my style is. Veer wildly between thinking that I should buy a few very expensive things which will last years and then getting £9.99 H&M stuff. What should I be buying for autumn/winter so that I look vaguely trendy and not mutton dressed as lamb? Need a coat, boots and something that is not my usual "jeans and white T-shirt + cardi" look. Size 10 and 5'4", so nothing for Nigella Lawson or Amazonion model types!!

mamachat Thu 11-Sep-08 22:52:55

Sorry no advice as I am 23 and i am in the process of buying ugg boots and skinny jeans but thought I would bump you... good luck. Also how about tring some of those funky style cardi with wide necks or droopy arms??

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