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La Redoute?

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used2bthin Tue 09-Sep-08 20:41:56

Is it any good? Some of the catalogue stuff looks way over priced, like the shoes. But I quite like a couple of their basic tops which are quite cheap. Don't want to pay out on postage though if they are awful quality. What are the sizes like?

LittleMyDancing Tue 09-Sep-08 20:43:22

Some stuff is nice, some is awful - it's like all catalogues, the ranges differ quite a lot. Best to order and see, you get free postage to send stuff back and I've got some really nice stuff in the past.

costalepew Tue 09-Sep-08 20:44:42

They give loads of free gifts out.

FlightAttendent Tue 09-Sep-08 20:48:21

It is Ok, I have used them for about 10 years, some of it is nice and the basics are good, like t shirts etc.

However it is getting more overpriced and a lot of the stuff is pretty flimsy. Like nice woolly long socks that actually are totally thin IRL. and would get holey v quickly.

It's one of those ones where I tend to order quite a lot and send a lot back too.

Sale items can be very cheap - lots of long sleeved t shirts at about £3 each is good value! I would not tend to buy full price stuff much though.

used2bthin Tue 09-Sep-08 20:49:11

Thank you, free gifts are always good! For the free postage back how does that work? Does someone collect it?

used2bthin Tue 09-Sep-08 20:51:20

FA the stuff I was thinking of ordering are fairly basic bits. Could probably get it in H and M but we don't have them here. Maybe I should try when I do get there though and hold off on La redoute its hard to know about sizes and I am often between them. Also need tops to be long and hard to know.

fishie Tue 09-Sep-08 20:52:27

yes or you can take it to post office.

the sizing is a bit odd, that soft grey stuff has enormously long arms (and i have quite lengthy ones myself). generally things are fairly narrow.

Sidge Tue 09-Sep-08 20:52:32

I haven't used them for years - ever since I ordered some stuff and it took so long to be delivered my DD had grown out of it hmm

Their sizes come up small and they tend to use couriers for delivery so for returns you phone the courier. Remember to keep your returns note though; I was charged for stuff as they had no record of return. Luckily I had proof of collection by the courier but it was a right faff and I ended up having to fax them a copy of the returns note!

I'm not impressed TBH (can you tell? grin)

FlightAttendent Tue 09-Sep-08 20:54:15

Ooh sorry the sizes are pretty good...order a few to try though, and send the rest back. I got some 10/12 stuff lately and it was huge, I am usually a 10.
They have very long t shirts! That;'s what I just got loads of in the sale...long sleeves and v long waists because I hate anything that doesn't cover my waistband.

Yes, they are much better for long tops than anyone in England! smile

used2bthin Tue 09-Sep-08 20:55:32

Hmm I'm getting the impression they might be best avoided! Could not believe the price of the ballet pumps! If I had that sort of money I wouldn't even be looking in La Redoute!

used2bthin Tue 09-Sep-08 20:57:57

Oh no now FlightAttendant you have changed my mind! I am a big twelve on top in topshop but a ten in Monsoon should I order a ten then?

LittleMyDancing Tue 09-Sep-08 20:58:02

I always order one of each size and try on at home - if you have an account with them then you don't have to pay for it straight away, so you can order loads and send loads back.

I never bother with the courier collections, they never turn up when they say they will, I just take it to the post office with their freepost sticker, and bob's your uncle.

I've had some nice stuff from there, had one bag that broke quite quickly but they gave me a full refund without any fuss.

used2bthin Tue 09-Sep-08 20:58:50

I meant the long thing you said has changed my mind!

used2bthin Tue 09-Sep-08 21:05:13

x posts LittleMyDancing maybe I should order both sizes then. If I order does that automatically mean I've got an account?

used2bthin Tue 09-Sep-08 21:05:47

Do we get discount on here with them?

LittleMyDancing Tue 09-Sep-08 21:11:24

I don't think we get a discount on here sad

you have to apply for an account but I think they dish them out to people pretty freely - you can do it all on their website.

i like them, i have to say, it's easy and their basics are very good.

used2bthin Tue 09-Sep-08 21:31:44

I think I might look on there now and apply for an account actually (easily persuaded!) I've just seen a pop up at the bottom of the screen about their sale too so will have a look although its probably just summer stuff.

used2bthin Tue 09-Sep-08 21:32:09

I think I might look on there now and apply for an account actually (easily persuaded!) I've just seen a pop up at the bottom of the screen about their sale too so will have a look although its probably just summer stuff.

zoejeanne Wed 10-Sep-08 08:49:53

I use them alot, ordering different sizes and colours (the pictures aren't always that accurate) and returning the ones I don't need. Here's a tip - get the catalogue and write a list of what you like, then wait. before long they'll be emailing and writing like crazy, with 10% off this, 25% off that. I rarely pay full price for anything because of this. Oh, and the free gifts are often quite cheap/naff - but always sell well at car boot sales!

used2bthin Wed 10-Sep-08 12:51:00

Good plan Zoe, I'll sign up to thier e mail list. I looked through their stuff last night and the one cardigan I really wanted is out of stock in my size though which is very annoying! Also I looked online at the blouse I'd seen in my mums catalogue and it looked very cheap so won't be ordering that but there were somebasic tees I like the look of.

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