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You have got to be kidding me....

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maidamess Mon 08-Sep-08 19:17:20

there are no words

to describe how awful these clothes are

nickytwotimes Mon 08-Sep-08 19:19:29

DO you know, I thought to myself before I clicked "bet they're not as bad as some of that stuff on QVC." LOL

maidamess Mon 08-Sep-08 20:01:15

They are without doubt the worst things I have ever seen on QVC.

Nbg Mon 08-Sep-08 20:03:55

They've been taking tips off M&S.

TheNaughtiestGirlIsaMonitor Mon 08-Sep-08 20:04:22

eeeeoooo! frumpy! And 30 notes too!!

singyswife Mon 08-Sep-08 20:11:13

Oh s* I've got a pair of these.

singyswife Mon 08-Sep-08 20:11:31

Oh my god I am kidding. They are absolutely hideous.

squeaver Mon 08-Sep-08 20:12:25

But they have "embroidery detail"!!!

singyswife Mon 08-Sep-08 20:13:08

No wonder the model isnt showing her face.

harpomarx Mon 08-Sep-08 20:14:30

maidamess, please explain how you found yourself in the tragic position of perusing these short on QVC in the first place...

maidamess Mon 08-Sep-08 20:14:35

They are from the 'ybf' range, which means 'Your Best friend'....some friend she turned out to be!

maidamess Mon 08-Sep-08 20:15:41

Harpo, the woman who 'designs' these has a range of make up where I buy fab eye brow pencils for my sparse brows....then I stumbled across the range of horrors.

AuraofDora Mon 08-Sep-08 20:17:04

lol cheered me up
was just wondering if i really should've ordered the shorts i did

mrswoolf Mon 08-Sep-08 20:19:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KristinaM Mon 08-Sep-08 20:20:12


harpomarx Mon 08-Sep-08 20:21:02

seems she is spreading herself a bit too thinly there then, Maidamess, think she is best sticking to the make up wink

mind you, the photograph is particularly unflattering, what a bizarre idea just to photograph legs in shorts with no body attached. These shorts should obviously have been photographed from some distance, preferably with a long kaftan over the top.

popstar Mon 08-Sep-08 20:21:48

Are you sure YBF isn't You've Been Framed?!shock

MmeLindt Mon 08-Sep-08 20:26:30

I don't know what you are talking about. I have these shorts with this top

Everyone comments on this outfit, makes me feel really classy.

MmeLindt Mon 08-Sep-08 20:28:38

Oh, it won't let me link to my favourite top. It is Item Number 137708

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