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Facial hair - What to do?! - Electrolysis maybe?

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hairybee Sun 07-Sep-08 22:38:51

I have hair growing out of my CHIN! blushPlease help!
It's time to do something drastic, it's getting me down!

It started to appear a few years back & was only a few at first but now we're not talking 1 or 2 - I have a whole crop! If I did nothing about them I would have a mini-beard! sad

I have tried and am unhappy with:

- plucking - way too many hairs, not enough patience, and I believe this may have contributed to making them thicker?
- home waxing - hairs wiry, and stay stubbonly put, even when I have managed to rip my SKIN off - there they are standing proud! (Maybe I'm just no good at waxing?)
- Nair cream (like Immac). This is what I'm using now, but it only gets rid of hairs to skin, not root, so after a day I get STUBBLE!! blush blush Also occaisionally my skin reacts to it and goes red, blotchy or even bleeding and scabby. Nice!!

Help! I can't be the only once can I?!

What else should I try? (I'm not even going to consider shaving - just not going there, OK!!!)

What about electrolysis?
- How many times would I need to go?
- Can I go it while pregnant?
- Does it actually work?
- Has anyone tried the home electrolysis kits, or is a beauty salon better?

This is really getting me down - I've actually name changed for this post. I have posted freely on mumsnet about my sex life, health, relationship with partner, where I live, etc, without ever name-changing, but I am just SO EMBARRASSED about this! blush

Please help, kind MNers!

LadyBee Sun 07-Sep-08 23:02:01

You can ask your GP to find out whether you have PCOS, as excess hair is a symptom of this condition.
If so, you could find that treating that condition will help with the hair. Although if you're currently pregnant, then you probably can't be diagnosed as the hormone levels will be all screwy (technical term grin)

Go to a salon for treatment, it's far more common than you think and they'll be used to dealing with it sensitively, electrolysis works, there are mixed reports of laser treatment.
With laser treatment you probably can't have treatment while pregnant as the laser is more likely to create dark spots on your skin.

Milkysallgone Sun 07-Sep-08 23:19:26

Have used home electrolysis kits on my legs and pits in the past; it hurts a bit and I think it's just the same as plucking really. What about laser treatment?

Alambil Mon 08-Sep-08 00:07:41

Epilate at home - it hurts for a bit but gets rid for 6 weeks or so

Get checked for PCOS - polycystic ovary syndrome; this is the reason I'm a bearded lady

SalLikesCoffee Mon 08-Sep-08 00:25:45

If you've got darker hair, laser hair removal is great on your face, as it covers a lot, and isn't actually that painful (less than waxing, but takes a little longer). It's also longer lasting - is supposed to be permanent, but mine's obviously a bit overenthusiastic, so grew again but finer. I'll have to go for another session.
I used this company.

SalLikesCoffee Mon 08-Sep-08 00:26:59

Agree with the others to get yourself checked for pcos - my reason too unfortunately.

hairybee Tue 09-Sep-08 00:10:11

Thanks everyone smile

I just googled PCOS, and I had a friend at work who has PCOS (last time I saw her she was very happily pregnant after trying for 2 years) but I'm not sure if that's the one - doesn't it also mean you get irregular periods, and it's difficult to conceive? My periods have always been regular as clockwork, and I got pregnant 1st time we tried.

But - the stuff on PCOS led me to stuff on Insulin Resistance, which does sound very possible (really hope I haven't got diabetes).

I'm going to the doctors anyway this week, so I'll ask about PCOS, and Insullin Resistance.

Thanks, I really appreciate it. I did wonder if it had a medical cause a few years ago, but I remember I mentioned it to someone who made me feel I was being silly, and I dropped it.

Think I might give the electrolysis a try too. My skin reacted to the cream again this morning, so went to work with a red chin, highlighting the hairs!!! sad
I've had enough of this !!!

MrsBates Tue 09-Sep-08 00:13:05

Wear a false beard.

I am also fed up with spending every morning pulling dark hairs out of my chin. Seems like such a waste of time but if I didn't I would look like Rasputin. Not being silly to do something about it at all. If I get some cash and time I would.

Alambil Tue 09-Sep-08 00:51:48

I have PCOS but have normal hormone levels, regular periods and conceived within 2 months of being sexually active..... you can get some of the symptoms without having any of the "main" ones apparently.

Do get tested at the doctors; it's a simple blood test

undercovercat Tue 09-Sep-08 01:16:01

I got some cream called vaniqua from the docs, it slows down the hair growth, am waiting results of blood tests and have scan booked to look at my ovarys.
My sister, who ive never saw with one hair, let alone a few of them suggested buying really fine scissors and snipping.
The you dont get the skin aggrivation.

Furball Tue 09-Sep-08 07:20:03

if you are say diagnosed with PCOS - is there a treatment for it?

undercovercat Wed 10-Sep-08 10:04:25

Theres treatment for the symptoms.
The pill to rebalance hormones.
Cream to battle the sprouty hairs.
I think a GI diet, if you are overweight with it.

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