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Cheap Uggs check this site out!

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peacelily Sun 07-Sep-08 17:55:18

Hi everyone I've just ordered my first ever pair of uggs (after trying them on in schuh first) from this site, they've got a 55% sale on so even with shipping a tall chesnut pair cost £79!!!! a saving of £100!!

Check it out!

bettybeetroot Sun 07-Sep-08 19:02:47

wow - they look like good deals. i have always fancied a pair but thought they might look silly on me as I have size 8 feet - can i ask anyone else with big feet and uggs - how do they look??

SoupDragon Sun 07-Sep-08 19:05:48

They're still fugly though.

FlightAttendent Sun 07-Sep-08 19:11:59

Betty I have got some high leg uggs - they are called Locarno, so not the usual ones. They are black leather with sheepskin turn over bits at the top.

I am an 8 too. They make me feel like father Christmas a bit as they are big! But people say they look nice. Helps if you are quite tall to balance it out iyswim. And don't wear a red coat with white furry bits grin

widgypog Sun 07-Sep-08 19:35:35

hate to say it but they are not the same uggs as in schuh though. the uggs in schuh are the ones made in China which are different to the ones on that website. Ugg is a generic term for shoes like that as well as a brand. If you look at the writing on the back it is different...of course if you dont care about that then they are a bargaingrin

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