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'Spider' thread veins on face

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toniguy Sun 07-Sep-08 00:15:46

.. have had these on cheeks now for a number of years and I think they're getting worse with age. Have decided to bite the bullet and deal with them - i just know I'll have bags more confidence not having to plaster foundation on every time I set foot outside my house. Has anyone successfully had treatment for them? I've seen posters advertising laser treatments at a nearby salon. I've also been told there are creams and even tablets which can help. Failing that, does anyone have any really good tips on concealing them? I just wear a normal Rimmel foundation but maybe there's something magic I could use which would do a better job??

lilacclaire Sun 07-Sep-08 08:10:14

Hi, I also have these and am looking to have IPL (the laser) to treat them, not had it yet as currently having a course of microdermabrasion to smooth the skin (this can make the veins worse, so waiting until this is over).
The laser is meant to be very good and they are meant to be pretty easy to treat.
I have never heard of a cream or tablets working.
Basically the vein needs to be cauterised, so don't see how these creams etc can work, think it is just a gimmick.
I totally hear you about plastering on foundation everyday, im hoping to be make up free when im finished (apart from mascara of course).
I would definetly say go for it, your only regret will not be doing it sooner.

bebespain Sun 07-Sep-08 18:44:06

Hi toniguy

I hae these too and they have definitely got worse with age. They make me life a misery and I am very self-concious. I saw a Dermatologist and advised that the best solution is IPL treatment and I definitely want that doing in the near future.

In the mean time...have you tried mineral foundation...? I use Jane Iredale foundation and although it is pricey it is by far the best at covering and a little goes a long, long way so worth investing. If you do decide to buy it you can get it on eBay, is cheaper than anywhere else

mamamufin Sun 07-Sep-08 18:59:28

Hi guys

I too suffer from these thread veins on my face and chest area and have found I have more since being preganant (due next week now). I will be interested to hear from anyone whos Ipl treatment has worked as I hear there is a small risk of scarring.
I find the clinique almost makeup powder takes away the angryness and its quick to apply over a large area.

toniguy Sun 07-Sep-08 21:20:09

Thanks for the advice. Yes, I would love to hear from someone who has had the laser treatment. What puts me off is the the (small) risk of scarring/something going wrong. I suppose I think, what if something happened and I ended up looking even worse!! But if I could hear some success stories it might spur me into action. I feel I've spent enough years hiding under make up.
bebespain - I looked up the jane Iredale products and they look good. I'm a bit uncertain about buying on ebay though - how do I know which product/shade to go for etc?

bebespain Mon 08-Sep-08 13:49:16

Good question toniguy! I did a bit of research and found that "warm sienna" was a pretty universal shade for the average English type skin and so took a chance. I was lucky in that it was just right.

I use the liquid minerals foundation and its great for me. Like I say its not cheap but does last ages as you need such a small amount. Honestly I have tried loads of foundations and wasted loads of money in the process blush Nothing has come close to this. I get my from "online beauty store" on eBay

I too haven´t met anyone who has had the laser treatment although when I saw a Dermatologist she advised me that IPL was better than standard laser treatment being that it gives better results. She didn´t warn me about the scarring though...hmm

Pannacotta Mon 08-Sep-08 20:11:27

I had IPL on my thread veins and sadly it had very little effect, I was just £100 poorer.
It was incredibly painful, like being pinged very hard with elastic bands, and made my eyes water all the way through.
The veins are still there and I find that having electrolysis every 2 years is more effective (though also v painful).

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