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ooh, im cross with Clarks...

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Debris Sat 06-Sep-08 21:20:58

Why oh why do they put stupid little dolls in the bottom of school shoes ? My dd1 was perfectly happy with her startrite school shoes, until she went back to school last week and according to her EVERYONE except her has got the shoes with the little dolls in the bottom, why cant she have them blah, blah, blah. What a daft idea (although a real money maker im sure). It really has made me cross.

cupsoftea Sat 06-Sep-08 21:21:40

can only agree with you

cheekysealion Sat 06-Sep-08 21:25:37

i plus 2 people i know surprisingly the shoes that fitted best were the toy ones...

I told the guy to bring no toy shoes out which he didnt but the ones he bought out didnt fit well...

surpries surprise the toy ones he bought out next did fit well and cost more money... hmm

curlydolly Sat 06-Sep-08 21:27:50

Hi this might make you feel a bit better - my 6 year old's best friend has a pair of those but she is fed up with them already cos she has been fiddling with them so much that they are now quite uncomfortable and the sole feels'lumpy'. She's been wearing them for 3 days. I refused to buy them for dd1 - Clarks really annoy me.

Yorkiegirl Sat 06-Sep-08 21:29:04

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Sat 06-Sep-08 21:30:42

Why should it make you cross?? It's no different to all the other gimmicks companies use to sell their products. It's business.

misdee Sat 06-Sep-08 21:31:05

dd2 has yotoy shoes angry dh took them to get their shoes and he didnt realise he bought the ones with the toy in. i had to take them back as they were too tight. but again the ones that fitted and looked more sturdy were yotoy. i dont like the toy. but she is not allowed to take it into school. most of the doll is now missing anyway.

SoupDragon Sat 06-Sep-08 21:31:23

DSs have had them several times. The shoes come home, the toy comes out and, er, that's about it really.

SammyK Sat 06-Sep-08 21:31:36

I hate clarks and avoid them at all costs.

MarkStretch Sat 06-Sep-08 21:34:10

I refused to buy them for my dd. Unbeknown to be she stuffed her shoe with a small plastic cat and a selection of bracelets and walked around the city for hours until the pain became too much and she started limping, and quietly weeping.

Only them did I become suspicious and asked her to take off her shoe.

She then went to stay with her Dad her bought them for her anyway. But she's lost all the bits and they are over priced shit IMO.

jellybeans Sat 06-Sep-08 21:36:28

No big deal to me, DS has some, didn't know the had the toy in till after he chose them and were sure they fit.

Reginaphilangy Sat 06-Sep-08 21:38:57

My dd2 has removed her doll and subsequently filled the holes with twigs and stones hmm

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