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It pains me to say it but I need help

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MadameOvary Sat 06-Sep-08 14:00:12

Since my CS 5 months ago I have shrunk to a size 8-10 which is all well and dandy BUT I still have the post CS pot belly and also cant wear any of my trousers which all have waistbands that sit JUST on the scar.
I couldnt care less about style really but I want something warm and COMFORTABLE and cotton to wear.

Help me - I am THIS close to buying fleece trousers fgs!

Anna8888 Sat 06-Sep-08 14:04:10

Can't you buy some long (mid thigh) tunic type things to wear over leggings with flat shoes (now) and boots (when the weather gets colder/wetter)?

A very good look for the slight, and very forgiving of a less than perfect tummies.

MadameOvary Sat 06-Sep-08 14:11:10

Anna8888 thanks for the suggestion but i truly cannot bring myself to buy leggings, I remember them the first time round! grin

Cappuccino Sat 06-Sep-08 14:12:23

yoga pants are slightly bootcut, so they do not shout 'leggings' at you

you can get some good plain ones from yoga sites

I think Anna's idea is great, btw

Anna8888 Sat 06-Sep-08 14:13:48

But there are such gorgeous leggings around this year - not those tight lycra things from the past.

I bet I'm older than you grin

PeaMcLean Sat 06-Sep-08 14:14:13

Can't you just get trousers with a slightly higher waist? I don't mean scary ones, but I certainly won't buy thoes very low ones which would sit on my Csection scar.

FluffyMummy123 Sat 06-Sep-08 14:14:33

Message withdrawn

Anna8888 Sat 06-Sep-08 14:15:02

A compliment from Cod.


Cappuccino Sat 06-Sep-08 14:16:07

I must admit Anna that this is one of your most accessible style tips to date

rather than "Go into darling boutique and spend a squillion Euros" wink

FluffyMummy123 Sat 06-Sep-08 14:16:44

Message withdrawn

Cappuccino Sat 06-Sep-08 14:18:48

cod those look terrifying

how warm is it with you cod? check on BBC website and report back

FluffyMummy123 Sat 06-Sep-08 14:19:56

Message withdrawn

Cappuccino Sat 06-Sep-08 14:20:54

this kind of thing

Cappuccino Sat 06-Sep-08 14:21:40

well dh's phone says it is 15 here

so officially colder <ner>

FluffyMummy123 Sat 06-Sep-08 14:21:46

Message withdrawn

MadameOvary Sat 06-Sep-08 14:22:39

Just changed DD and come back to this! Ok off to have a look...

Cappuccino Sat 06-Sep-08 14:22:55

what is wrong with pants?

those leggings are frightening

no-one wants to look like the Kids from Fame

MadameOvary Sat 06-Sep-08 14:29:38

I tried on leggings in Topshop about a year ago - had forgotten till then. My legs looked like two sausages. It was not good. I do have yoga pants and have been spending too much time in them. Have not a fab pair of Hobbs linen trousers but they are too smart for everyday wear really.
Anna I'm 38 grin

MadameOvary Sat 06-Sep-08 14:30:17

Had forgotten *till now* I meant to say.

Anna8888 Sat 06-Sep-08 14:32:14

I'm much older than you then grin

Cappuccino Sat 06-Sep-08 14:35:04

I can't see how these are inferior to leggings in the least

you could easily throw on Anna's tunics over these

Cappuccino Sat 06-Sep-08 14:35:58

what about dresses?

wrap dresses?

opaque tights would sit nice and high up and not bother the scar

maidamess Sat 06-Sep-08 14:36:12

I think the long ankle length leggings are unforgiving to a leg. I prefer ones that stop mid calf. You can still wear with boots, or flats.

You can wear a loose dress over the top, or a long cardi (belted?). They keep my stomach in place!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sat 06-Sep-08 14:39:02

High waisted jeans and trousers are making a comeback. I also think the 'boyfriend' cut of jeans are higher cut than normal.

MadameOvary Sat 06-Sep-08 14:41:14

So what's your ideal comfy slouchy outfit Anna, Cod, Cappucino and Pea? I'm only 5'2" as well so prefer a wider leg/bootcut.
However there is hope. My legs just might be thinner than they were a year ago so maybe its time to try leggings again.

Thank you all grin

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