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Reccomend a FOUNDATION please

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I have been using Boots No,7 for as long as I can remembershock and they dont seem to make it any more. Instead they sell a similar sounding product in a tube with a built in brush shockshock
It seems a bit gimmicky to me so I am looking for something else.
I definatly DONT want a matte finish, I like the soft, sheeny types and preferably under £10.
Suggestions pleasegrin

macherie Fri 05-Sep-08 15:54:47

Barbara Daly Tesco Oil Free foundation is really good with a soft sheen less than £10. I gave up Chanel foundation for it.

thanks macherie, I will investigate that one. I asked a friend of mine what she used because her skin always looked soft and with a bit of sheen and she said MAC, but there are no stockists within about 40 miles and I need something I can buy easily.

Anyone else pleasesmile

brimfull Fri 05-Sep-08 16:20:38

GOSH liquid foundation from superdrug

cornsilk Fri 05-Sep-08 16:20:43

Chanel vitalumiere. £20 but well worth it.

Amandoh Fri 05-Sep-08 16:54:41

No7 Intelligent Balance Mousse Foundation is my current favourite. It's really easy to apply and blend. Apply it while your moisturiser is still a little tacky for a more dewy result.

I'm not sure if it's less than £10.00 but if it is more expensive it's not much more and as your other foundation was No7 then you should be able to find the same colour.

I have thought about the Chanel one but I would have to travel too far for that, but if I managed to get a free sample and knew what shade to get I would be temptedblush
I shall certainly take a look at the No, 7 mousse one and the superdrug one sounds great.

cornsilk Fri 05-Sep-08 18:20:33

the chanel counter is top for free samples.

RnB Fri 05-Sep-08 18:27:46

Message withdrawn

indianajane Fri 05-Sep-08 19:32:42

was eyeing that up in the duty free - have read it's good.

pardon Fri 05-Sep-08 19:45:51

why not go for a tinted moisturiser instead? i use a bobbi brown at the mo but nivea do a really nice one and it gives a really nice dewy look

missbumpy Fri 05-Sep-08 19:55:09

Mineral make up is fab. Google Lily Lolo and Bare Essentuals.

sophi1 Fri 05-Sep-08 21:21:35

Estee Lauder Double wear light about 22.50 is really nice, know is a bit pricey but lasts ages on and the tube too. I am a beauty therapist and have worked with many makes and this one lasts really well. Also Benefit and Mac both great again bit pricey. You really are better to spend on good quality foundation it makes the difference.

eviz Fri 05-Sep-08 21:27:19

I'm a convert to Clinique. Can't remember what type, but it's not much more expensive than the No7s/Rimmels etc.

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